MSH Survey #3

The third survey from the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee is open through this Thursday at midnight.  This survey focuses our attention and seeks our input on four possible areas of reuse.

There were only 244 responses when i answered the survey this afternoon.

This is Bill Massaro’s emailed description of survey #3:


Survey #3 on what you would like to see done with the Hospital property is now open through midnight on Thursday Sep 3..  Here’s the link:

Where Survey# 2 asked for your opinion on the top  “Dream” reuse alternatives from Survey #1–Recreation, Sports, Park, Open Space, Senior/Young Adult/Starter Family Homes—this new survey asks residents to rate opinion statements on some of Survey#1’s  less common “Dream” suggestion alternatives:

  • Hospitality-Related:   Inn/Hotel, Restaurant,  Large/Small Retail (18%)
  • Arts & Culture:   Performing Arts, Galleries/Exhibition Spaces, Culinary Arts (16%)
  • Institutional:   College, Medical/Technical Research (6%)
  • Agricultural:   Community Supported Agriculture, Community Gardens, Farming (6%)

In addition to asking your opinion on these alternative uses, the Committee is hoping that Survey 3 will get you thinking about other potential opportunities and they would welcome receiving any contact information for institutions or businesses, in any category, that you would like to see there.

Please take this follow-up survey before midnight on Sep 3 and forward the link to your friends and neighbors…

Also, please mark your calendar for the second Public Information Meeting which will be held at the High School on Wed evening Sep 16.

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