My goals for BoS


Each year now, as the selectmen have sought to bring greater discipline to our task of overseeing the governance of the town, we commit to writing down our goals for the upcoming year, both to focus ourselves, but also to give direction to the town administration.  Selectmen will be discussing our goals at the meeting next Tuesday.

Listed below are my goals for us.  Let me know if I am missing anything you think should be included.

Board of Selectmen Goals for 2015-2106
Osler L. Peterson
August 18, 2015

1.    Communication
a.    Implement a system to push town government information out to residents
b.    Improve the town’s web site
c.    Create a system to receive and integrate resident input on town issues
d.    Put town budget and checkbook on-line
e.    Annual calendar for selectmen and budget cycle

2.    Planning
a.    Develop a  town master plan
b.    Work with the Town Administration to look at the future make-up of the management staff of the town
c.    Get five-year plans from department heads and committees
d.    Implement an affordable housing plan
e.    Adopt Green Community Act
f.    Solar PV: install sites, issue RFP’s to buy solar power, and develop PPA’s
g.    Work with the Solid Waste Committee to increase recycling rates

3.    Medfield State Hospital
a.    Provide direction and leadership on the clean-up and redevelopment
b.    Enact by-laws concerning future development of the former MSH

4.    Finances
a.    Create a business office for the town
b.    Implement a three-year budget forecasts
c.    Implement property tax relief for senior citizens
d.    Seek savings and increased revenue.
e.    Complete union contract negotiations before contracts expire
f.    Analyze overtime expenditures.
g.    Implement a 20 year capital improvement plan

5.    Downtown
a.    Develop a robust, business and pedestrian-friendly downtown
b.    Meet with and review all boards overseeing downtown development – analyze and combine as necessary similar committees.
c.    Explore implementing Design Review
d.    Work with Chief of Police on traffic and parking issues
i.    Traffic and lights along RT 109 and RT 27
ii.    Sidewalk expansion
iii.    Upham Road
iv.    Potential future parking sites

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