MSH survey #3

The MSH-MPC has issued its third survey per the weekly email below.  It is really encouraging that a substantial portion of the town has weighed in via the first two surveys (1,073 and 1,084 responses respectively), and from memory only 43% of the second set of respondents had participated in the first survey, so that about 1,500 residents have weighed in to date.

I read many of the comments shared in those surveys, and my concerns were raised over the disparate extent of the ideas expressed, and how the town would now move from the wide funnel of ideas that have been shared to the much narrower plans for any reuse, while getting true public agreement and consensus about what we, as a town, want to happen at the former MSH site.

My thinking about the site has moved from a focus on the possible real estate development to my main focus now being on how the town makes whatever we do there the most interesting for the current residents of Medfield.  I am not so much interested in the development itself for its own sake now, as I am in creating something that the rest of us in town will see as being interesting enough that the site will become a destination for us to seek out and to use.  However, i do think of some real estate developments being interesting, so I do hope we get a dense village like result (no subdivisions) that provides that sort of interest.  And I now think of the real estate development as being the economic engine that will allow us to do the things that will make the site interesting for the rest of the residents in town.

With regard to the “interesting” metric this week I have been looking at the possible cultural and arts opportunities for Medfield, with the Hopkinton Center for the Arts and its feasibility study (arts and culture can be economic engines and creators for municipalities) as examples of what is possible.  Integrating arts, culture, recreation, or education throughout the site might well be ways that would make the site interesting to the rest of Medfield residents.  To get better data on this for the MSH site, we would need to spend about $10,000 for a consultant study.  Hopkinton parlayed its study into a $450,000 fund raising for its facility.

Lee Chapel

Medfield State Hospital Master Plan Committee Update

Survey #3 is ready! This will be the last survey of the summer – prior to our public meeting on September 16th. The primary goal of the surveys is to broaden the number of people who are providing the committee with their insights and preferences regarding the use of the state hospital and adjacent town properties.



Photo from July 22nd walking tour of the campus courtesy of Teresa James


What is Your Vision?

Specifically the purpose of these surveys is to:

  • Ensure that a broad range of ideas are considered
  • Provide opportunity for public input from individuals unable to attend public meetings
  • Provide opportunity to gather input from residents in neighboring towns.
  • Understand community preferences for various uses in shaping alternatives for consideration in a public meeting on September 16th

The surveys are intended to be short and easy to complete. Survey #3 intends to query the public around statements from additional use categories heard from Survey #1. The question format was intentionally kept the same where respondents choose from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree with a variety of statements. Those who complete the survey will be able to see how their answers compare to the other respondents……so it should be interesting.

Share the link with your friends, family and neighbors. The second survey will remain open through September 3, 2015.

We thank everyone who participates for taking a few minutes of your time to make your voice heard.

SURVEY #3 LINK:  Click HERE to take the survey.

Walking Tour Available! John Thompson has generously agreed to host another walking tour of the MSH property on Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 4:00pm and should last until approximately 5:30pm. Meet at the main entrance by the security trailers. Parking is available across the street from the property on the top of the sledding hill (Hospital Road).


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