State lawsuits in jeopardy


A bill characterized as “tort reform” will be on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives for a vote this week. The House will vote Thursday on a bill that would enable defendants to force state cases into federal court by overturning the “fraudulent joinder doctrine.” This 100-year-old precedent helps to ensure that state claims are appropriately heard in state court.

The “Fraudulent Joinder Protection Act of 2015” [H.R 3624] is a bill that will enable corporate forum shopping—removing cases that properly belong in state court to federal court, including federal courts that are far away from your home state.

H.R. 3624 would affect every person’s ability to access justice when they have been injured by corporate wrongdoing.

Please help we attorneys who represent individuals against the corporation interests to fight back by telling Congress to oppose efforts to restrict your access to justice.

Please contact Congressman Joseph Kennedy’s Constituency Outreach Director, Stephanie Noguera – stephanie.noguera@mail, today to ask that the Congressman vote NO on H.R. 3624

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