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Send a Medfield child to camp

From the Medfield Foundation, Inc.


Attention Medfield Residents!

Help send a child in need to camp this summer.

This is an especially difficult time of year for some local families who want to send their kids to camp but simply can’t.

MFi is launching a special fundraising effort to help send kids to camp and/or purchase family passes to Hinkley Pond for local families in need.

A small donation now can make a big difference in the lives of these kids. Our goal is 200 families donating $50 each. Your generosity and support are much appreciated. Can we count on you to help?

Donate Now!…/ExpressDonation.aspx…

Parental skills training tonight

From Medfield Cares About Prevention (MCAP) yesterday –

All parents welcome

You are welcome to attend and bring other parents/adults who care about Medfield youth with you.  If you could tweet about this, post to your facebook pages, blogs, share from Medfield Youth Outreach’s facebook page or MCAP’s it would be so very helpful.  This is coming together quickly due to the needs of hurting parents in the community and literally just gained final approval this evening.  This rose organically from the community. Let’s get behind it and spread the word!

Medfield Youth Outreach


Open Invitation For All Parents:

St. Edward Church of Medfield warmly welcomes Jim McCauley, LICSW, from Riverside Trauma Center for an evening where parents can develop their skills in navigating conversations with youth about depression and feelings of hopelessness. The Regional MetroWest data supports that youth are reporting more stress and that some have reported depressive symptoms and thoughts of suicide (MWAHS, 2016).  Parents have been reaching out community wide for ways to have meaningful conversations with their youth about these issues and to find pathways to build greater support in the community.

This evening is sure to be a dialogue to empower Medfield families in navigating these discussions and finding resources for the future.


Please join us on TUESDAY, JUNE 20TH AT 7PM AT ST. EDWARD CHURCH.  For more information please contact St. Edward Church: 508-359-6150 or

Childcare available for ages 4+.


RSVP here


All community parents are welcome.


Chip sealing streets this summer

This schedule of streets scheduled for chip sealing this summer was part of the 6/20 BoS agenda materials –


Medfield, MA
2017 Chipseal Estimates

Street Length Width Culdesac Double Chip Seal

Indian Hill 6585 34
Granite Street Sect 5568 31
Forest to Walpole TL
Rocky Lane 2961 28


Single Chip Seal

Noonhill Road 711 16
Camelot Lane 366 28 100
Lakewood Road 1050 34
Lakewood Terrace 350 35 100
Forest Street 1933 16
Henderson Way 462 14
Summer Street 1400 20

Your three year bid price is $ 2.22 for single and $ 4.20 for double.
The unit prices reflect the de-escalation in asphalt.

BoS on 6/20

See the 6/20/17 agenda below, and the backup materials are available here – 20170620-agenda


Richard’s 150 trolley rides

Richard DeSorgher Concludes 25 Years of Medfield History Day Tours Saturday

On Saturday, Mashpee resident, Richard DeSorgher, concluded his 150th trolley tour lecture about Medfield history, delivered six a day, once a year in June, over twenty-five years, mainly from the front of a swaying trolley.

This past Saturday, the Medfield History Day sponsor, MEMO, hired a school bus to satisfy the large demand for seats on the final day of tours. Richard delivered a jam packed, non-stop lecture that covered parts of all 400 years of Medfield’s existence, from the Peak House dating to 1713, to the Hennery once having more chickens than anywhere else in Massachusetts, to George Innes sketching by the river and painting in the barn he rented on Main Street for five years the paintings that now hang in the country’s the foremost museums (MFA, MMA), all illustrated by over 40 photos in the Hometown Weekly supplement.

The Town of Medfield celebrated the end of an era with this proclamation that Mike Sullivan authored to celebrate the last of Richard’s historic trolley tours, and MEMO presented Richard with one of the miniature Medfield Town Clocks made by Electric Time Company, Inc. of Medfield :



Whereas, Twenty-five years ago the Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization (MEMO) initiated an annual Medfield History Day to showcase the unique history, architecture and landscapes of the Town, and

Whereas,  Countless residents and visitors to the Town have boarded the trolley to travel  the Town’s highways and byways,  soaking up the culture and beauty that is the one and only Medfield, and

Whereas, a wide variety of themes have been developed to give new insights and perspectives, keeping the History Day tours fresh and interesting; topics ranging from First Period Homes, Houses that had been moved, Medfield State Hospital Medfield’s Greatest Events, Most Historic and Most Tragic, Homes of Painters and Musicians, Norfolk Hunt, and Landscapes, and

Whereas, Medfield History Day could not have succeeded without the creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm of the Tours’ host and narrator, Richard P. DeSorgher, whose perspective, good-natured showmanship and ability to engage Tour guests always made for an informative, yet fun-filled event, and

Whereas, Richard P. Desorgher and his wife Julia are relocating to Cape Cod to begin a new and exciting phase of their lives,

Therefore, We, the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Medfield, on  the 25th Anniversary of Medfield History Day, and on behalf of MEMO and  the Citizens of Medfield, do extend our deepest appreciation to Richard P. DeSorgher for his hard work making Medfield History Day a memorable event on the Town’s Calendar and wish him the best of everything as he takes leave of his beloved Medfield and begins the rest of his life’s journey. We’ll miss you Richard.

Issued on the 10th Day of June, in the Year of Our Lord, 2017 at Medfield in the County of Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Osler L. Peterson, Chairman

Michael T. Marcucci, Clerk

Gustave Murby, Third Member

Board of Selectmen


Automatic Voter Registration bill


From the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts –


Leaders and advocates voice support for modernizing elections in Massachusetts


BOSTON, MA — Advocates for modernizing Massachusetts’ elections showed up in force for a hearing on Beacon Hill today, held by the Joint Committee on Election Laws. The hearing was in support of the Automatic Voter Registration bill, which would establish a system for eligible citizens in Massachusetts to automatically register to vote when they interact with a state agency like the registry of motor vehicles. The legislation, introduced by Sen. Cynthia Creem and Rep. Peter Kocot, has popular support in both houses; with 80 House co-sponsors and 22 Senate sponsors as of hearing time.


More than twenty leaders from the labor movement, universities, environmental groups, political organizations, civil rights and good government advocacy organizations testified on behalf of the legislation, while dozens of supporters looked on. Many spoke of how automatic voter registration ensures that all eligible citizens in Massachusetts have the opportunity to participate in elections.


“By passing automatic voter registration, Massachusetts can lead the way towards giving all citizens a voice in their government,” said Pam Wilmot, Executive Director of Common Cause Massachusetts. “The system would give the nearly 700,000 eligible citizens that are not registered to vote an opportunity to have their voices heard through our election process. At the same time, Automatic Voter Registration would update and modernize our election system by increasing the accuracy, security, and efficiency of the process.”


Eight states and the District of Columbia have already passed automatic voter registration, all in a bipartisan manner: Oregon, California, West Virginia, Alaska, Vermont, Colorado, Georgia, and Connecticut. In Oregon, the first state to implement Automatic Voter Registration, 230,000 voters registered in its first six months and more than 500,000 inaccurate registrations were updated. About 100,000 (97,000) voters participated in the 2016 election because of the reform.


Representatives from several other leading citizen organizations testified for the bill, including Nancy Brumback, Legislative Action Chair of the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts. “The League strongly supports automatic voter registration as the next logical step in the modernization of the electoral process here in Massachusetts,” she said.  “AVR will improve the accuracy of voter rolls, create a more efficient and reliable voting system, help control the costs of voter registration over time, and improve the voting process on Election Day.”


Cheryl Clyburn Crawford of MassVOTE said, “Automatic voter registration is a step in the right direction to removing one of the barriers that disproportionately affects our most disenfranchised communities. It is our strong belief that automatic voter registration in Massachusetts will increase voter participation and turnout while continuing to modernize our electoral process.”


“…Our Commonwealth must set an example on voting rights for the nation to follow,” said Congressman Joe Kennedy in written testimony submitted to the Committee. “We need to prove how strong a system can be when it is inclusive, progressive and fair. The rollout of early voting in 2016 was an enormous success, with over one million residents casting early ballots. Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) must come next.”


“This is a bipartisan, common sense, 21st century bill which will make voter registration more accessible, more secure and less costly in the Commonwealth,” said Janet Domenitz, Executive Director of MASSPIRG. “We have Republican and Democrat supporters in the Legislature here, the Republican Governor of Illinois indicated that he would sign similar bill into law that passed the legislature unanimously a few weeks ago, and in a time of hyper-partisanship in this country we’re inspired to call for this bill’s passage.”


Advocacy organizations behind the effort, including Common Cause Massachusetts, MassVOTE, the Massachusetts Voter Table, Progressive Massachusetts, MASSPIRG, League of Women Voters of Massachusetts, and the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice have worked together for many years to promote voting access and reform. They see automatic voter registration as a continuation of earlier efforts in the state, like early voting, to improve access to the ballot. Early voting was a resounding success; In its first debut, over one million voters cast their ballots early in October 2016, accounting for over 22% of registered voters and 35% of those that voted.

Nursing homes get forced arbitration back

AAJ-forced arbitration

Posted 6/06/17
by Levin & Perconti
Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Blog

Trump Administration Abandons Fight for Ban on Nursing Home Arbitration Clauses

What little hope remained that arbitration clauses would disappear from nursing home admission paperwork is now gone. Friday, June 2 was the deadline for the Trump Administration to submit paperwork to continue the appeal of a Mississippi Supreme Court judge’s decision to block a ban on nursing home arbitration clauses.  Instead, the administration decided to withdraw from the fight.

An Attempt to Restore Justice
Last September, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released their updates to nursing home regulations for the over 15,000 facilities that currently receive Medicare and/or Medicaid support. One of the biggest changes was a ban on mandatory arbitration clauses in nursing home admission paperwork. An arbitration clause requires a potential plaintiff to agree to forgo a trial by jury and work with an arbitrator who will attempt to get both sides to come to an agreement on a settlement. The problem, besides the fact that it forces vulnerable Americans to waive their seventh amendment right to a trial, is that nursing home arbitration typically favors the defense by allowing them to select the arbitrator. Evidence has shown that when nursing home disputes are settled by arbitration, the outcome tends to be more positive for the guilty party and not the injured victim.

Special Interest Groups Fight Ban
Last December, a nursing home special interest group filed an injunction in the Mississippi Supreme Court to stop CMS’ arbitration ban from taking effect. A judge supported the injunction and since then, CMS and the Trump administration were said to be working on a appeal. Unfortunately, instead of filing paperwork to continue their appeal, U.S. Department of Justice attorneys decided to abandon the fight. While there is a small chance that the appeal could be challenged again at the district level, CMS hasn’t answered what future plans for the ban are and arbitration clauses in nursing homes seem to be here to stay.

ANGP decorations pictures

See just how well done the decorations were at the All Night Graduation Party (ANGP) from these photos


Affordable Housing Trust $1m. bond passed

The Medfield Press reports that the $1m. bond to provide working monies for the Affordable Housing Trust passed yesterday – the article is linked to here –


Medfield passes affordable housing override

Medfield voters easily passed a tax override in Monday’s special election, with 904 votes for and 180 against.



The All Night Graduation Party celebrated its 25th anniversary on Saturday. Pictured are some of the myriad volunteers, including the current co-chairs and the original co-chairs from 25 years ago.

The decorations were stupendous, with a theme based on the various books the kids had read. In the background of this photo are some of the Dr. Seuss decorations in the cafeteria.