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Info for Mega-B site visit

Email this morning from Sarah Raposa, Town Planner –



To:       Town Officials, Boards and Commissions

From:   Sarah Raposa, Town Planner


Date:    September 22, 2016


Re:       Medfield Meadows 40B –

MassHousing Site Visit Scheduled for 9/28/16 at 10 am


On September 20, 2016 the Town of Medfield received notice that MassHousing is currently reviewing an application for Site Approval submitted by Medfield Meadows, LLC (the “Applicant”).


The proposed development will consist of 200 rental units on a 6.24 acre site located at 39, 41, and 49 Dale Street. Of the 200 units, 50 will be made available to low to moderate-income residents.


Should MassHousing deem the conceptual design appropriate for the site, the Applicant is then allowed to submit a formal comprehensive permit application to the Medfield Zoning Board of Appeals for this project.


As part of its review, MassHousing will conduct a site visit, which Local Boards[1] may attend. The site visit for Medfield Meadows has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 28th at 10 a.m. Please meet at the project location (at or near 39, 41, 49 Dale Street).


A municipality has an opportunity to submit comments to the agency within 30 days.  The public may also wish to submit comments.  The Town has requested an extension of this deadline to MassHousing which is under review.  The current deadline for comments is no later than October 20, 2016.


Departmental or local board comments should be submitted to me by Friday, October 7th so that they can be compiled in advance of the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Tuesday, October 18th when the developers are presenting their application. Please inform us of any issues that have been raised or are anticipated in the review of this application.


[1] Local Board – means any local board or official, including, but not limited to any board of survey; board of health; planning board; conservation commission; historical commission; water, sewer, or other commission or district; fire, police, traffic, or other department; building inspector or similar official or board; city council or board of selectmen.  All boards, regardless of their geographical jurisdiction or their source of authority (that is, including boards created by special acts of the legislature or by other legislative action) shall be deemed Local Boards if they perform functions usually performed by locally created boards.



Sarah Raposa, AICP

Town Planner
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA  02052
(508) 906-3027

40B dates & 9/26 agenda

This sheet was handed out at the Tuesday meeting of the selectmen –

Upcoming 40B related events PROPOSED, dates subject to change Hospital Road: • Monday, October 3 - Applicants present to PB (~8 pm, Town Hall) • Tuesday, October 4 - Applicants present to Bos (time, Town Hall) • Thursday, October 13 - ZBA public hearing #1 (7:30 pm, Town Hall) Dale Street: • Wednesday, September 28 - MHP site visit (10 am, Dale St) • Tuesday, October 18 - Applicants present to BoS (time, Auditorium) Other: • Monday, September 26, 2016 - BoS meeting with Affordable Housing Committee, Board of Assessors, Building Inspector, Housing Authority, Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee, Planning Board, Town Wide Master Plan Steering Committee (7:30 pm, Town Hall) • Monday, October 17 - Housing Production Plan public meeting to PB & Bos (8 pm, Town Hall)

Mike Sullivan’s proposed agenda for the September 26 meeting, received this afternoon (I would add a #7, naming Mike as the person responsible to execute on the plan that is created):

Agenda for September 26th Selectmen’s Meeting Affordable Housing Workshop
Welcome by Mark Fisher, Chairman of Board of Selectman and Introductions
This meeting is being recorded. We will begin by observing a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Mideast and around the world.

  1. Presentation on Housing Production Plan and Strategies by Roberta Cameron, consultant from Community Opportunities Group (COG)
  2. Affordable Housing Discussion
    1. Adoption of Housing Production Plan
      1. Approval by Planning Board
      2. Approval by Board of Selectmen
      3. Submission to and approval by State
    2. Implementation of Housing Production Plan
      1. Selection of locations for future 40B housing developments
      2. Determination of developers (Town (LIP), non-profit, for-profit) and types of housing
      3. Bidding, sale and/ or transfer (disposition) of land
      4. Details of financing methods
      5. Request for site approval from Mass Housing
      6. Application to Zoning Board of Appeal for Comprehensive Permit
      7. Appeals Period
      8. Bidding for design, construction, site work, landscaping, etc.
      9. Construction
      10. Lottery and/or marketing of units and determination of management plan
    3. Construction of Additional units at Tilden Village
      1. Transfer of Land and Project Approval from State (which Agencies)
      2. Project Funding
      3. Selection of Project Manager and Architect
      4. Design, Bidding and Construction (Public construction process)
      5. Tenant Selection
    4. Update on Hospital Road 40B project
      1. Status
      2. Options
    5. Update on Dale/North Meadows 40B project
      1. Status
      2. Options
    6. Creation of Affordable Senior Housing
      1. Locations
      2. Zoning
      3. Funding
      4. Local Preference

Tonight’s revised agenda

Board of Selectmen Agenda September 20, 2016 ANNOUNCE: this meeting is being recorded. We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world APPOINTMENTS Medfield State Hospital Planning Committee, members Brandi Erb and Teresa James Discuss hospital consultant's status Economic Development Committee, Pat Casey, Chair Discuss how the future uses of Lot 3 and Hinkley property be handled 7:30 PM Public Hearing- Verizon wireless requests Grant of Location to place wireless antennas on two existing utility poles; pole #6X on Main Street; pole #79/6 on Robert Sproul Road and Pound Street Police Chief Meaney to discuss department staffing modification OLD BUSINESS Selectmen's calendar Acceptance and/or correction of September 6 meeting minutes NEW BUSINESS Discussion of DCAMM's notification of farming on Parcel Al at the state hospital site Discussion of Affordable Housing Public Forum Preliminary fy18 budget discussion; draft list of warrant articles Discuss preliminary operating and capital budget guidelines Discuss process for evaluation of Town Administrator Selectmen are requested to vote to award the contract to install solar panels on the Town Garage roof to Greenskies Renewable Energy, Middletown CT; bid amount $332,999.72 Director of Public Works Maurice Goulet requests the Selectmen vote to sign Chapter 90 Project Request for Green Street in amount of $50,000 and second Project Request for North Meadows Road, Pine Street, Winter Street in the amount of $50,000 Ms. Trierweiler requests the Selectmen vote to award the grounds keeping contract to Shady Tree Landscaping Vote to authorize Town Administrator Sullivan sign Agreement between Medfield Fire Department and Brewster Ambulance Service regarding Advanced Life Support Services. lnitally this agreement is for 60 days that can then be renewed for successive one month terms Selectmen are requested to vote to sign Legal Services Agreement with Attorney Margaret Stolfa, Gordon & Rees LLP to represent Medfield's Conservation Commission decision and LCB appeal to DEP Notice from MassHousing I scheduled site visit Wednesday September 28 at 10 AM for proposed Dale Street and North Meadows Road development Discuss proposed schedule of "Upcoming 40B related events"; Selectmen vote to approve Medfield Historical Commission requests the Selectmen vote to appoint Jeremy MacPherson as a member of their commission MMA announces dates and times for their Fall Legislative Breakfast Meetings LICENSES AND PERMITS Medfield Lions Club requests permission to display signs October 21 to November 5 promoting their annual Chowder Fest on November 5, 2016 Council on Aging requests a one-day beer and wine malt beverage permit for a Poker Pizza Party on October 19 4-8 PM at the CENTER Medfield Youth Lacrosse requests permission to display signs November 1-20, 2016 advertising Spring 2017 registration Medfield Green Committee requests permission to display signs September 28 to October 12 to advertise October is Medfield Green Month at the Transfer Station SELECTMEN REPORT INFORMATIONAL Medfield has been awarded a Recycling Dividends Program grant of $5,400 ZBA information packet Copy of Conservation Commission's WPA Form 9 Copy of Attorney James Murphy letter to Land Court, Boston regarding the Clark Tavern MAPC to hold annual municipal elections October 26, 2016 Copy of Geological Field Services, Inc., Salem, MA report regarding Cumberland Farms, Main Street Invitation from the Cardinal's Office to attend a special Mass on October 9 to honor public safety personnel throughout the Archdiocese of Boston20160920-agenda-2_page_2

Mega-B site visit 9/28 at 10AM

"' ••. ~OUSlNG Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency One Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108 TEL: 617.854.1000 I FAX:617.854.1091 VP: 866.758.1435 September 20, 2016 VIA CERTIFIED MAIL AND E-MAIL Mark Fisher, Chairman Medfield Board of Selectmen 459 Main Street Medfield MA 02052 Re: Medfield Meadows MHIDNo. 873 Dear Mr. Fisher: MassHousing is currently reviewing an application for Site Approval submitted by Medfield Meadows, LLC (The Applicant). The above-captioned proposed development will consist of200 rental units on a 6.24 acre site located at 39, 41, and 49 Dale Street in Medfield, MA. Of the 200 units, 50 will be made available to low to moderate-income residents. The site approval process is offered to project sponsors who intend to apply for a comprehensive permit under Chapter 40B. MassHousing's review involves an evaluation of the site, the design concept, the financial feasibility of the proposal, and the appropriateness of the proposal in relation to local housing needs and strategies. As part of our review, we are soliciting comments from the local community and we would appreciate your input. You also may wish to include in your response, issues or concerns raised by other town boards, officials or other interested parties. Pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40B regulations (760 CMR 56.00) your comments may include information regarding municipal actions previously taken to meet affordable housing needs such as inclusionary zoning, multifamily districts adopted under G .L. c.40A and overlay districts adopted under G.L. c.40R. Your comments will be considered as part of our review. We have been informed by Medfield Meadows, LLC that the Town has received a copy of the application and plans for Medfield Meadows. Please inform us of any issues that have been raised or are anticipated in the Town's review of this application. We request that you submit your comments to this office within 30 days so we may process this application in a timely marmer. During the course of its review, MassHousing will conduct a site visit, which Local Boards, as defined in 760 CMR 56.02, may attend. The site visit for Medfield Meadows has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 281 h at 10 a.m. Please notify me promptly if any representatives of Charles D. Baker, Governor I Michael 1 Dirrane, Chairman I Timothy C. Sullivan, Executive Director I Thomas R. Gleason, Executive Director Emeritus Karyn E. Polito, Lt. Governor Ping Yin Chai, Vice Chair Karen E. Kelleher, Deputy Director your office or if other Local Boards plan to attend the scheduled site visit. Please note that if and when an application is submitted for a comprehensive permit, assistance is available to Medfield Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to review the permit application. The Massachusetts Housing Partnership's (MHP) Ch. 40B Technical Assistance Program administers grants to municipalities for up to $15,000 to engage qualified third-party consultants to work with the town's ZBA in reviewing the Chapter 40B proposal. For more information about MHP's technical assistance grant visit MHP's web site, or e-mail MHP at If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone me at ( 617) 854-1201. Thank you for your assistance. J sica L. Malcolm 40B Specialist cc: Sarah L. Raposa, AICP, Town Planner (via e-mail Michael J. Sullivan, Town Administrator (via e-mail 220160920-masshousing-town-notice-medfield_page_2

Register by October 19th


Voting in November? Register by October 19th

Will you be voting in the upcoming Massachusetts State Election? (Nov 8,
2016). Are you registered to vote? Are you sure?

The Massachusetts City and Town Clerks Associations urge all residents to check their voter registration before October 19th for the Presidential Election.

Even if you have been registered to vote for years, many Federal and State laws impact your registration status. If you have moved, changed your name, or your local street list form was not received at city or town hall, you may encounter an issue at the polls.
When you registered to vote, you should have received a confirmation notice from the Registrars. If not, your registration may not have reached their

If there is an issue with your voting status, in some cases, you will have to fill out an affidavit and show identification at the polls. In other cases, you may be offered a Provisional Ballot that will only be cast if your registration eligibility is

City and Town Clerks want all eligible citizens to be able to cast their ballot. Act now. Don’t wait. Check your voter registration status! Now available on the Town of Medfield’s website (, click the link “are you a registered voter, check your status here”.
Carol Mayer, Town Clerk, 508-906-3024

BoS on 9/6

Meeting Minutes September 6, 2016 draft PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler; Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke The meeting convened at 7:00 PM in the Chenery Meeting Room Chairman Fisher announced this meeting is being recorded. He asked for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen and servicewomen serving around the world. Executive Session to be held at close of meeting for the purpose of discussing pending litigation Chairman Fisher recognized a number of Dale Street neighbors in the audience who would like to discuss the 40B project proposed at Dale Street and North Meadows Road. He said the Selectmen have a few items to cover before beginning the discussion. MEETING MINUTES VOTED unanimously to accept the minutes of August 2 as amended and accept the August 16 minutes as submitted PENDING ITEMS Dog Control Committee John Thompson requests the Selectmen vote to create the committee~ changing the name to Animal Control Study Committee and appoint members as submitted VOTED unanimously to create new committee, Animal Control Study Committee and appoint as committee members John Thompson, Carol Mayer, Robert La Plante, Jenny Cronin, Rosemary O'Brien, Ryan Thomas and Kevin Ryder Senior Housing Committee VOTED unanimously to appoint Christopher Rumul and William Gallagher to the Senior Housing Committee Net Metering proposed agreement Mr. Sullivan advised the Board that Syncarpha Capital is only interested in a 20 year contract with the Town. He will have discussion with the Energy Committee to see if they would agree to a five year contract as proposed by Selectman Marcucci. Mr. Peterson feels that the 20 year contract would be very beneficial to the Town. PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT About 20 neighbors are in attendance to discuss the 200 rental unit complex proposed for Dale Street and North Meadows Road. The neighbors would like to know why their neighborhood September 6, 2016 Page two was chosen for this huge project. They do not object to it being affordable housing; however that is only 25% of the units. They hope that by coming before the Selectmen at this early stage will provide information as to what can be done to eliminate the project moving forward. Many concerns were discussed, including traffic along North Meadows Road is tremendous as it is; Dale Street itself is too small a road to handle well over 200 additional vehicles, three to five story buildings will overshadow the homes in the area, possible increased number of school busses. The neighbors feel that the Town voted to purchase the state hospital land thinking that was the place for housing. The discussion continued talking about Medfield's housing production plan; working with the developer to scale back the project; proposed Tilden Village expansion. The Selectmen were also shocked when learning about this proposal. Mr. Marcucci remarked that we need to know what to do now, and what resources the Town needs to have. Selectman Peterson advised we should look for options for the housing production. It was noted that the Planning Board has held discussions on this and will vote on the plan October 17. ~ret Nelson, 28 Dale Street is the neighborhood contact TOWN COUNSEL CEREL Mr. Cerel advised the Board that Governor Baker has signed the municipal modernization act that includes many reforms to state laws; some highlights: simplify stabilization funds; shared municipal functions; simplify revolving funds; expand veterans tax abatements; procurement of goods and services/bid limits increased; allowing municipalities to lower speed limits to 20 or 25 mph in certain areas. CHAPTER90 VOTED unanimously to sign Chapter 90 Reimbursement request for North Meadows Road, Winter Street and Pine Street paving in the amount of $100,374.42 and Green Street paving in amount of $18,216.61. Additionally sign Chapter 90 Final Report for North Street and Green Street reconstruction in the amount of $20,544.01 and as recommended by Director of Public Works Maurice Goulet STATE HOSPITAL LICENSE AGREEMENTS VOTED unanimously to authorize Chairman Fisher sign license agreement with the Medfield Coalition for Public Education to use the site for their 9/24/16 Fall Gala VOTED unanimously to authorize Chairman Fisher sign license agreement with Scientific Systems Company, Inc. Woburn, MA for their use of the property for drone testing activities; dates are September 12, 14 and 16, 2016 SAM to 6PM September 6, 2016 Page three COMMITIEE APPOINTMENTS VOTED unanimously to appoint Perry Constas as a member of Council on Aging VOTED unanimously to appoint Jeremy Marsette to the Town Wide Master Planning Study Committee STATE HOSPITAL ACCESS ROAD Ms. Trierweiler explained to the Board that the Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) calls for DCAMM constructing a new access road that will allow public access to the Charles River Overlook. Ms. Trierweiler has written a letter to DCAMM Commissioner Carol Gladstone requesting a meeting to discuss the issue. The Selectmen are requested to vote to authorize Chairman Fisher sign the letter and it was so voted. SCHOOL DEPARI'MENT Superintendent Marsden requests that the Selectmen vote to Authorize Chairman Fisher sign a certification document for the MASS School Building Authority that states the Dale Street School has not been closed nor will be closed in the last or next ten years and it was so voted. MIIA GRANT APPLICATION Ms. Trierweiler requests that the Board vote to authorize Chairman Fisher sign a MllA Grant application. This grant will help the Town implement a Pavement Management Program to identify the current condition of both sidewalks and roadways, make necessary repairs that will eliminate potholes and sidewalk defects. This will reduce the Town's liability. VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion to authorize Chairman Fisher sign the FY 17 MllA Grant Application, seconded by Selectman Marcucci. Vote was unanimous TOWN PROJECTS UPDATE Mr. Sullivan reported that the Green Street project has been completed; high school field construction completion is on schedule. The field area will be closed on September 12 in order for the contractor to work on the track. Wheelock School new boiler installation is also completed and happy to report there will be a savings of about $52,000. Public Safety Building construction is on schedule and we look forward to a date of October 8. A new Facilities I Energy Manager has been hired. He will begin working full time early November. LICENSES AND PERMITS VOTED unanimously to grant Council on Aging a one-day wine and malt beverage permit for The Chicas Fashion show Wednesday September 21; October Supper Club Wednesday October 12. Additionally grant permission to place signs advertising the events September 6, 2016 Page four VOTED unanimously to grant September 17 Block Party Permits for the following neighborhoods: Saw Mill Lane; Cypress Street; Evergreen Way; Ridge and Lee Road; Knollwood Road VOTED unanimously to grant permission to Kathy and Abe Schickel to hold the 4th Annual "Run Like a Maverick" 5k race in Medfield on Sunday May 7, 2017. This race is in memory of their daughter Elizabeth who was a Montrose student VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield High School Boys Soccer team permission to hold a car wash on Saturday October 15, 2016 VOTED unanimously to grant the High School Student Council permission to hold a car wash on Saturday October 22 SELECTMEN REPORI' Mr. Peterson mentioned that he attended three Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee meetings; held First Friday Office Hour at the CENTER, which was really busy; attended the Energy Committee meeting where Solarize Medfield program was discussed. He would like to appoint a citizen's committee to study construction of new sidewalks in Town. Mr. Marcucci attended a hospital meeting where the discussion revolved around the consultant hired by the Town, VHB. Discussion will continue at our next meeting Mr. Fisher had no report. INFORMATIONAL Letter of appreciation to the Water Department for their good work from Bill and Cindy Massaro, 36 Evergreen Way Local Meals Tax Revenue received in the amount of $131,155.00 Town Counsel Cerel has recorded at the Norfolk Registry Rockwood Lane Street Acceptance EXECUTIVE SESSION The Board of Selectmen will be going into executive session for the purpose of discussing pending litigation of LCB's appeal regarding the Medfield Conservation Commission decision with the expressed intent not to return to open session. By positive roll call vote, the Selectmen went into executive session at 9:20 PM20160906_page_220160906_page_320160906_page_4


BoS on 9/20

MEETING I POSTED: TOWN CLERK TOWN OF MEDFIELD NOTICE rovm OFIU~CtlVEtJ . H£DFIEWf MASS lffJ. .~&'D J L · POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER 39 SECTION"13A~S~NDED. 0. -tlfT Board of Selectmen ftw lCNt. OF THE Cl.fRK Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room, 2nd floor Tuesday September 20, 2016 @ 7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Economic Development Committee, Pat Casey Chair General discussion of how we should proceed with economic development and downtown parking 7:30 PM Public Hearing on petition of Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless for the purpose to issue a Grant of Location to locate small wireless antennas on two existing utility poles, one located on Main Street, second on Robert Sproul Road and Pound Street Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee, Brandi Morris Erb member Discuss consultant's contract Police Chief Meaney to discuss department staffing modification Discussion ofDCAMM's notification of farming on Parcel Al at the state hospital site Discussion of Affordable Housing Public Forum Discuss preliminary operating and capital budget guidelines Other business that may come before the Board of Selectmen Signature Date

Early voting starts 10/24 at TH


EARLY VOTING This year for the Presidential Election on November 8, 2016, we will be having 'EARLY VOTING' for the first time. Early voting will start on October 24, 2016 to November 4, 2016 at the Town Hall. Early voting hours will be: MONDAY-THURSDAY 8:30 A.M. TO 4:30 P.M. FRIDAY- 8:30 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M Carol Mayer Town Clerk

MEC gets state META grant of $6K


Subject: FW: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Baker-Polito Administration Awards Municipal Energy Technical Assistance Grants to 75 Communities

Good Morning –

Congrats!! Medfield has received $6,000.00 in Municipal Energy Technical Assistance (META) to have MAPC help the town with becoming a designated Green Community. Please see the below press release for more information.

Paul Carey in my office will be sending an email today with the grant contract.

Congrats again,


Kelly Brown, Regional Coordinator
Green Communities Division
Central Region
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
8 New Bond Street, Worcester, MA 01608
Ph:  (508) 767-2703
Cell: (617) 780-8144

Creating a Clean, Affordable and Resilient Energy Future for the Commonwealth

Follow DOER on Twitter:

Visit the Energy Smarts blog:

Sign up for email updates on policy, prices, programs and more.



From: O’Shea, Kevin (ENE)
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2016 10:30 AM
To: O’Shea, Kevin (ENE)
Subject: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Baker-Polito Administration Awards Municipal Energy Technical Assistance Grants to 75 Communities


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Department of Energy Resources

Governor Charles D. Baker

Lt. Governor Karyn E. Polito

Secretary Matthew A. Beaton

Commissioner Judith F. Judson


Press Release Contact: Kevin O’Shea — 617-626-7362 or Kevin.O’


Baker-Polito Administration Awards Municipal Energy Technical Assistance Grants to 75 Communities

Grants Allow Municipalities and Water and School Districts to Advance Clean Energy Goals


BOSTON – September 12, 2016 –The Baker-Polito Administration today awarded $518,645 in grants to 75 cities and towns across the Commonwealth to develop clean energy projects. The Department of Energy Resource’s (DOER) Municipal Energy Technical Assistance (META) grants, which are utilized by designatedGreen Communities or municipalities in the designation process to better inform their clean energy decision-making, are awarded to Massachusetts municipalities, regional school districts, and water/wastewater districts to aid in the management of projects or the performance of studies to support the development of energy projects.


“The goals of reducing energy costs, meeting our emissions reductions targets, and building a clean energy future are shared across the Commonwealth by our municipal and ratepayer partners,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “META grants lay important foundations for the municipal and regional bodies to develop and implement critical clean energy projects as Massachusetts continues to move towards our shared clean energy future.”


“The Commonwealth’s cities, towns, and regional planning authorities are on the front line of Massachusetts’ clean energy revolution and our administration is pleased to be assisting in their efforts,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “DOER’s Green Communities program continues to be a crucial partner for our municipal partners as they adopt clean energy and energy efficiency policies and practices.”


Open to all 351 cities and towns, as well as regional planning authorities, META grants fund the services of expert consultants and contractors to assist with a diverse array of local energy projects.  Applicants in the grant round that opened in June were eligible to apply for grants of up to $12,500. A function of DOER’s Green Communities Division, the grants are funded through proceeds from Alternative Compliance Payments under the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard.


Projects and studies receiving funding will support the performance of solar photovoltaic site evaluation, heating system replacements, ASHRAE Level II audits, technical analysis of energy use at drinking water and wastewater facilities and technical assistance with Green Community reporting and application.


HHAN Alert re: WNV Mosquito

Board of Health email this afternoon about West Nile Virus mosquitoes found in Dedham and Norfolk.  HHAN stands for Health & Homeland Alert Network System, part of our Commonwealth of Massachusetts state government.


Alert Detail

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Alert Information
Alert Title: WNV Positive Mosquito Samples have been identified in your area
Alert Severity: Moderate
Alert Sensitivity: Yes
Work Email Only: No
Voice Call Delay: 0
Voice PIN Required: No
Confirmation Required: Yes
Confirmed: Yes
Alert Owner Name: Elizabeth Traphagen
Organization: MDPH
Created Time: 09/13/2016 12:30:11
Message for Web Page: The following cities and towns have had WNV positive mosquito sample(s): Dartmouth, Dedham, Easton, Fairhaven and Norfolk. Please click on this link to access details on today’s positive results: If you have difficulty accessing this information please call Elizabeth Traphagen (617) 983-6787.
Alert Message: West Nile virus positive mosquito samples in your area. Check the HHAN for detailed information.
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