HHAN Alert re: WNV Mosquito

Board of Health email this afternoon about West Nile Virus mosquitoes found in Dedham and Norfolk.  HHAN stands for Health & Homeland Alert Network System, part of our Commonwealth of Massachusetts state government.


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Alert Information
Alert Title: WNV Positive Mosquito Samples have been identified in your area
Alert Severity: Moderate
Alert Sensitivity: Yes
Work Email Only: No
Voice Call Delay: 0
Voice PIN Required: No
Confirmation Required: Yes
Confirmed: Yes
Alert Owner Name: Elizabeth Traphagen
Organization: MDPH
Created Time: 09/13/2016 12:30:11
Message for Web Page: The following cities and towns have had WNV positive mosquito sample(s): Dartmouth, Dedham, Easton, Fairhaven and Norfolk. Please click on this link to access details on today’s positive results: http://www.mosquitoresults.com/additional_results/. If you have difficulty accessing this information please call Elizabeth Traphagen (617) 983-6787.
Alert Message: West Nile virus positive mosquito samples in your area. Check the HHAN for detailed information.
Uploaded File(s): There are no uploaded files

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