Mega-B site visit 9/28 at 10AM

"' ••. ~OUSlNG Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency One Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108 TEL: 617.854.1000 I FAX:617.854.1091 VP: 866.758.1435 September 20, 2016 VIA CERTIFIED MAIL AND E-MAIL Mark Fisher, Chairman Medfield Board of Selectmen 459 Main Street Medfield MA 02052 Re: Medfield Meadows MHIDNo. 873 Dear Mr. Fisher: MassHousing is currently reviewing an application for Site Approval submitted by Medfield Meadows, LLC (The Applicant). The above-captioned proposed development will consist of200 rental units on a 6.24 acre site located at 39, 41, and 49 Dale Street in Medfield, MA. Of the 200 units, 50 will be made available to low to moderate-income residents. The site approval process is offered to project sponsors who intend to apply for a comprehensive permit under Chapter 40B. MassHousing's review involves an evaluation of the site, the design concept, the financial feasibility of the proposal, and the appropriateness of the proposal in relation to local housing needs and strategies. As part of our review, we are soliciting comments from the local community and we would appreciate your input. You also may wish to include in your response, issues or concerns raised by other town boards, officials or other interested parties. Pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40B regulations (760 CMR 56.00) your comments may include information regarding municipal actions previously taken to meet affordable housing needs such as inclusionary zoning, multifamily districts adopted under G .L. c.40A and overlay districts adopted under G.L. c.40R. Your comments will be considered as part of our review. We have been informed by Medfield Meadows, LLC that the Town has received a copy of the application and plans for Medfield Meadows. Please inform us of any issues that have been raised or are anticipated in the Town's review of this application. We request that you submit your comments to this office within 30 days so we may process this application in a timely marmer. During the course of its review, MassHousing will conduct a site visit, which Local Boards, as defined in 760 CMR 56.02, may attend. The site visit for Medfield Meadows has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 281 h at 10 a.m. Please notify me promptly if any representatives of Charles D. Baker, Governor I Michael 1 Dirrane, Chairman I Timothy C. Sullivan, Executive Director I Thomas R. Gleason, Executive Director Emeritus Karyn E. Polito, Lt. Governor Ping Yin Chai, Vice Chair Karen E. Kelleher, Deputy Director your office or if other Local Boards plan to attend the scheduled site visit. Please note that if and when an application is submitted for a comprehensive permit, assistance is available to Medfield Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to review the permit application. The Massachusetts Housing Partnership's (MHP) Ch. 40B Technical Assistance Program administers grants to municipalities for up to $15,000 to engage qualified third-party consultants to work with the town's ZBA in reviewing the Chapter 40B proposal. For more information about MHP's technical assistance grant visit MHP's web site, or e-mail MHP at If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone me at ( 617) 854-1201. Thank you for your assistance. J sica L. Malcolm 40B Specialist cc: Sarah L. Raposa, AICP, Town Planner (via e-mail Michael J. Sullivan, Town Administrator (via e-mail 220160920-masshousing-town-notice-medfield_page_2

2 responses to “Mega-B site visit 9/28 at 10AM

  1. Looking at the project very quickly I would suggest a few key points to address with the State. Inappropriate design for the site (lack of similarity with Town’s current stock and one more in common with a city location), inappropriate siting (too many units on the site and lack of cohesive layout causing disruption of streetfront, etc.), and overall size of project (way too large for that site and too tall as well). Although 40B allows for greater density it usually tries to fit in with the ‘neighborhood’ as well and this project simply does not.


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