Info for Mega-B site visit

Email this morning from Sarah Raposa, Town Planner –



To:       Town Officials, Boards and Commissions

From:   Sarah Raposa, Town Planner


Date:    September 22, 2016


Re:       Medfield Meadows 40B –

MassHousing Site Visit Scheduled for 9/28/16 at 10 am


On September 20, 2016 the Town of Medfield received notice that MassHousing is currently reviewing an application for Site Approval submitted by Medfield Meadows, LLC (the “Applicant”).


The proposed development will consist of 200 rental units on a 6.24 acre site located at 39, 41, and 49 Dale Street. Of the 200 units, 50 will be made available to low to moderate-income residents.


Should MassHousing deem the conceptual design appropriate for the site, the Applicant is then allowed to submit a formal comprehensive permit application to the Medfield Zoning Board of Appeals for this project.


As part of its review, MassHousing will conduct a site visit, which Local Boards[1] may attend. The site visit for Medfield Meadows has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 28th at 10 a.m. Please meet at the project location (at or near 39, 41, 49 Dale Street).


A municipality has an opportunity to submit comments to the agency within 30 days.  The public may also wish to submit comments.  The Town has requested an extension of this deadline to MassHousing which is under review.  The current deadline for comments is no later than October 20, 2016.


Departmental or local board comments should be submitted to me by Friday, October 7th so that they can be compiled in advance of the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Tuesday, October 18th when the developers are presenting their application. Please inform us of any issues that have been raised or are anticipated in the review of this application.


[1] Local Board – means any local board or official, including, but not limited to any board of survey; board of health; planning board; conservation commission; historical commission; water, sewer, or other commission or district; fire, police, traffic, or other department; building inspector or similar official or board; city council or board of selectmen.  All boards, regardless of their geographical jurisdiction or their source of authority (that is, including boards created by special acts of the legislature or by other legislative action) shall be deemed Local Boards if they perform functions usually performed by locally created boards.



Sarah Raposa, AICP

Town Planner
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA  02052
(508) 906-3027

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