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BoS agenda for 2/17


Tuesday February 17, 2015@ 7:00 PM


If necessary the Medfield Board of Selectmen needs to meet in Executive Session at close of meeting to discuss settlement agreement pertaining to Red Gate Farm

7:00 PM Presentation of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance Award Superintendent Feeney, Chief Operator Robert MacDonald

7: 10 PM FYI 6 Budget review – Conservation

7:20 PM Russell Hallisey, Chair Medfield Day
Request Selectmen vote to grant MEMO permission to hold the
36’h Annual Medfield Day


Superintendent Feeney requests the Selectmen vote to declare a Snow Emergency under MASS General Laws Chapter 44, Section 3 lD

Vote warrant articles for March 23, 2015 Special Town Meeting

Vote to close March 23, 2015 Special Town Meeting Warrant at close of Selectmen’ s meeting

Medfield Music Assoc. requests permission to post signs advertising two events, The Moxie Strings on March 19 and annual Jazz Night on Friday May 1

Town Counsel Mark Cerel requests the Selectmen vote to sign Red Gate Farm settlement agreement

2/11/2015 02/09/2015: Medfield, Mass. Wastewater Treatment Plant Recognized for Excellence

News Releases from Region 1

Medfield, Mass. Wastewater Treatment Plant Recognized for Excellence
Release Date: 02/09/2015
Contact Information: David Deegan, (617) 918-1017
BOSTON – The Medfield Wastewater Treatment Plant was recenUy selected by EPA for a 2014 Regional Wastewater

Treatment Plant Excellence Award.

The Medfield Wastewater Treatment Plant staff, led by Superintendent Robert McDonald, was recognized by EPA’s New England Office for exceptional work in operating and maintaining the wastewater treatment plant. The plant was one of five facilities in New England acknowledged for exemplary performance during 2014.

The professionals operating these wastewater treatment plants, as well as the municipalities and the state environmental agencies that support them, are essential to keeping our environment healthy by protecting water quality,. I am proud to give them the credit they deserve,n said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA’s New England office.

The EPA Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Excellence Award was established to recognize and honor the employees of publicly owned wastewater treatment plants for its commitment to improving water quality with outstanding plant operations and maintenance. More oflen than not, and particularly with the smaller facilities, conscientious operators and staff continue to perform exceptionally with limited resources.

The Medfield Wastewater Treatment Plant was acknowledged for its outstanding work at the annual New England Water EnvironmentAssociatior:i Conference in Boston, on Jan. 28. The MassachusEitts Department of Environmental Protection was instrumental in nominating this facility.

For more information: http://www.epa gov/neftopicslwaterfwwater.html and


Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization, Inc.
PO Box 6, Medfield, MA 02052

February 6, 2015

Board of Selectmen
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Re: MEMO’s 2015 Discover Medfield Day (361h Year)

September 19th (September 26th severe weather postponement date)
Town Assistance I Land Use I Common Victualler’s License I Street Banner

Dear Selectmen:

The Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization, Inc. (MEMO) hereby requests the
Town of Medfield’s permission and assistance in holding MEMO’ s 361h Annual Discover
Medfield Day on Saturday, September 19, 2015. MEMO’s plans currently call for
essentially the same format, locations, hours, and layout as last year, including a 9:00 am
opening time and a 3:00 pm closing time.
MEMO hereby requests the Town’s permission to use Town-owned land at
Meetinghouse Pond area, and for a small amount of assistance in undertaking the
Discover Medfield Day events again this year. If your Board and the Town Departments
under your jurisdiction are willing to approve MEMO’s plans on the same basis as last
year, please indicate your consent by signing below and returning one copy to me.
I’m also enclosing herewith an application for a blanket Common Victualler’s License
and ask that you act on that application as well. In the past your Board has graciously
waived the $50.00 application fee. However, ifthe fee is required please let me know
and I’ll forward payment to you.
You’ll recall in years past Discover Medfield Day had to be postponed due to high winds
and/or heavy rain. Therefore, we’ve established a severe weather date on the following
Saturday. This request seeks the same permission and assistance requested above on
Saturday, September 261
\ in the event we decide that a severe weather postponement is
required. .
As a condition of your approval, MEMO agrees to provide the Town with a certificate of
insurance for Discover Medfield Day upon the same terms as last year.
Page 1 of2
Written permission is also being requested of private property owners Brook Run
Development Corp., the First Parish Meeting House, and Montrose School, which are
expected to give permission for the use of their downtown properties.
Request is also made to hang our banner announcing Discover Medfield Day across Main
Street at Baxter Park from August 151
h (the banner usually gets hung over a weekend)
through Discover Medfield Day.
Thank you for your courtesies and assistance.
Very truly yours,
/?· Rus~ MEMO’s Discover Medfield Day 2015 Chair
tel: 508-733-9995
Osler Peterson, Chairman Date
Richard DeSorgher Date
Mark Fisher Date
Page 2 of2

TO:Board of Selectmen
Warrant Committee
FROM:  Kenneth P. Feeney, Supt. ‘f!P:
DATE:   February 10, 2015


As of February 10, 2015 the balance in the Snow Budget is as follows:
Operations Balance: $37,014.52
Salary: -$25,951.05

I am requesting that both Warrant Committee & The Board of Selectmen vote on a Snow Emergency under Municipal Finance Chapter 44, Section 31D.

MARCH 23, 2015
On Monday, the twentieth-third day of March, A.D., 2015 commencing at 7:30
P .M. the following Articles will be acted on in the Amos Clark Kingsbury High
School gymnasium, located at 88R South Street in said Medfield, viz
Article 1. To see if the Town will vote to appropriate a sum of money and
determine in what manner said sum shall be raised for the purpose of
constructing, equipping, furnishing and landscaping a Public Safety Building,
including associated parking and commuuications facilities and expenses
related to the temporary relocation of the police and fire departments and
provision of a parking lot for the staff of the Dale Street School, said building
to be located at the site of the present police and fire stations at the intersection
of North and Dale Streets, including all costs incidental or related thereto,
provided ·that the appropriations authorized under this article be contingent
upon approval of a so called Proposition 2 Y. debt exclusion, in accordance
with Chapter 59, Section 21C of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts, or do or act anything in relation thereto.
(Board of Selectmen and Permanent Planning and Building Committee)
Article 2. To see if the Town will vote to appropriate a sum of money and
determine in what manner said sum shall be raised, for the purp0se of
desiguing, constructing and equipping a solar photovoltaic array at the
Wastewater Treatment Plant, including any utility interconnect fees or charges,
including all costs incidental or related thereto, or do or act anything in relation
(Water and Sewerage Board and Medfield Energy Committee)
And you are directed to serve this Warrant by posting an attested copy thereof,
in the usual place for posting warrants in said Medfield, fourteen days at least
before the time of holding said Special Town Meeting.
Hereof fail not and make due return of this Warrant with your doings thereon,
unto the Town Clerk at the time and place of the Town Meeting aforesaid.
Given unto our hands this day of February, Two-Thousand and
Osler L. Peterson, Chairman Si __________ _
Richard P. DeSorgher Si ____________ _
Mark L. Fisher Si ______________ _
By virtue of this Warrant, I have notified and warned the inhabitants of the
Town of Medfield, qualified to vote in elections and at town meetings, by
posting attested copies of the same at five public places, fourteen days before
the date of the elections, as within directed.
Constable: Si ————-

MFi volunteer awards

The Medfield Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2015 Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards will honor the following extraordinary individuals for their remarkable volunteer services in the Town of Medfield:

Youth volunteers

  • Binit Shah Primarily for creating the Tech Club at the Medfield Memorial Library, and also for volunteering for Medfield.TV and Medfield Foundation Youth Leadership.

Binit Shah

  • Emily Zona Primarily for being a Peer Tutor at Blake Middle School, and also for volunteering at St. Edwards, the Thomas Upham House, at MHS on the Student Council as its VP and on the assistant principal search committee, and tutoring Spanish at the Medfield Memorial Library.

emily zona


  • Chris McCue Potts Primarily for work with the Medfield Music Association, and also with the Zullo Gallery.
  • Susan Maritan Primarily for her work with the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, and also the Garden Club, the Medfield Food Cupboard, the Angel Run, New Life Home Refurnishing, and the Wheelock Victory Garden.
  • Rose O’Reilly Primarily for many years of work with the schools in many forms, including the Fashion Show, the All Night Graduation Party, the Snack Shack, and initiating the Prom Bus, the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, New Life Home Furnishing, and also with Cradles to Crayons.

Lifetime achievement

  • Jeanne Bastanier Sullivan Primarily for her work with the Medfield Food Cupboard, and also with the Medfield Coalition for Public Education, the schools at all grade levels, the Animal Shelter, the Church of the Advent, and the All Night Graduation Party.

Special Recognition

Binit Shah is the 2015 Medfield Foundation Youth Volunteer of the Year.

Chris McCue Potts is the 2015 Medfield Foundation Volunteer of the Year.

Jeanne Bastanier Sullivan receives the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.

All these extraordinary volunteers will be celebrated and feted at a reception to be held at 3:00 PM on Sunday, March 22 at The Center on Ice House Road, Medfield, to which the public is invited.

The reception is sponsored by the Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation.

New state-municipal partnership

Letter today from the new Lt. Gov. –

February 9, 2015
Dear Municipal Leaders,
As the Baker-Polito Administration’s liaison to local officials, I am excited to write to you about some early actions our Administration has taken to support municipalities and local officials. On our first day in office, we released $100 million in Chapter 90 funds, for a total $300 million annual commitment to local roads and bridges. Second, Governor Baker signed his first ExecutiveOrder creating a Community Compact Cabinet (Cabinet) during the Massachusetts Municipal Association’s Annual Meeting. Third, the Baker-Polito Administration elevated the Division of Local Services within the Department of Revenue, and we’re thrilled that your colleague, Brookline Deputy Town Administrator Sean Cronin, has agreed to become Senior Deputy Commissioner for the Division of Local Services.
As chair of the Cabinet, I will champion local government issues throughout the Administration and will work with you to create a true partnership between the state and cities and towns. Together,we will work to identify best practices and innovations that provide better, more effectivegovernment both at the local and state level. The Baker-Polito Administration will use the Cabinet to bring together the relevant high-level state officials to develop and execute our commi
tments to municipalities. One task I will highlight is that we are working to identify unfunded mandates, onerous regulations, and bottlenecks in state government that inhibit the success of your cities and towns. In March, the Division of Local Serviceswill circulate a survey to seek your input.
To hear directly from local leaders, I’ve already started a statewide tour to meet with municipal officials and I hope to be able to connect with you soon. I am eager to hear your ideas about how we can help y
ou grow the economy, provide a quality education for every child, and responsibly manage your community’s budget.
I have attached a summary of the Executive Order, and I look forward to working with you to create a great Massachusetts.
Karyn E. Polito
Lieutenant Governor

 Elevating the Municipal Partnership
Baker-Polito Administration
The Baker-Polito team is committed to elevating its partnership with Massachusetts cities and towns. The Administration’s first act was to release $100 million in new Chapter 90 funding for local roads and bridges. In addition, we have pledged to hold harmless local aid accounts as we deal with a $765 million budget gap in FY15, and
we will increase local aid in a way that tracks state revenue growth.
Both Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito served as selectmen and
intimately understand the challenges facing municipalities.  Therefore, today we are elevating municipal concerns directly into the Governor’s Office.
Via Executive Order, we are empowering Lt. Governor Polito to be a champion for municipal issues across state government; we
are restructuring the Department of Revenue to include a new Senior Commissioner for the Division of Local Services, reporting directly to the Commissioner; and we are creating a Community Compact Cabinet that will work toward mutual accountability, work to reduce red tape, promote best practices, and develop specific “community compacts” with local governments. Community compacts will create clear, mutual standards, expectations, and accountability for both the state and municipalities as we seek to create better government for our citizens.
Executive Order 537
The Municipal Affairs Coordinating Cabinet
September 2011
Agency: Exec. Office of Admin. & Finance
Chair: The Deputy Commissioner for Local Services; Department of Revenue


State Purchasing Agent
State Chief Information Officer
Commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Executive Director of the Group Insurance Commission
Personnel Administrator
Chairman of the Civil Service Commission
Any member of the Governor’s Cabinet or their designee and any other person whom the Secretary of ANF may designate
Charge: implement policies and coordinate activities throughout the executive branch that are designated to enhance the partnerships between local and state government;

2. to assess ways in which state government may provide assistance to local government in the provision of services, including, but not limited to, technology, procurement, construction, employee benefits and other areas where the assets of state government may be utilized to assist local governments;
3. to assist in the interpretation and implementation of the various municipal partnership bills signed into law over the past five years in order to assist cities and towns in reducing costs, streamlining operations and generating revenue
New Executive Order
The Community Compact Cabinet
January 2015
Agency: Office of the Governor
Chair: Lieutenant Governor
Vice Chair: The Senior Deputy Commissioner, Division of Local Services; DOR
Secretary of the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development
Secretary of the Executive Office of Education
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Assistant Secretary for Operational Services
Chief Information Officer
Any other person whom the Lieutenant Governor
may designate from time to time.
1. to champion municipal interests across all executive secretariats and agencies;
2. to develop, in consultation with cities and towns, mutual standards of best practices for both the state and municipalities, working toward the creation of community compacts that will create clear standards, expectations and accountability for both partners;
3. to develop ideas to incentivize adoption of best practices at the municipal and school district level;
4. to work with the Local Government Advisory Commission (the “LGAC”) to resolve issues and implement recommendations made by the LGAC and approved by the Governor;
5. to review state regulatory burdens on municipalities and school districts and recommend reforms to lessen the burdens on municipalities and school districts;
6. to understand the major cost drivers of municipalities and school districts and identify actions that the Commonwealth, municipalities
and school districts can take to control them;
7. to identify and remove barriers to economic development opportunities for cities and towns; and
8. to empower cities and towns and school districts by finding new ways for them to leverage state resources and capacity Leadership
Membership Charge

Salt on the horizon

Representative Denise Garlick just called me (to get Mike Sullivan’s cell number), so she could tell him what she had learned from spending the day chasing down salt for the Town of Medfield.  Thank you Denise!

Morton Salt does have salt, but no trucks with which to deliver, so she will suggest to Mike to have Medfield trucks go there to pick up.  Alternately, she suggested that Needham and other towns are getting their salt from Eastern Mineral, and that Needham or another town might be willing and able to order a truck load of salt from Eastern Mineral for Medfield, if our trucks went to pick it up.

Looks like we will be back in the salt soon.

Kudos to the DPW

I just got copied on this email –

great job!

Hi Mr. Feeney,

Just wanted to say thank you and kudos for a very well job done over the past three weeks!  As an “essential” employee I have had no trouble getting to and home from work during all of these storms and I know how that is not an easy thing to say. I really just wanted to say thank you to you and your department!

~ Sue

Sue Newark

58 Granite St


Suzanne M. Newark
Office Manager
Wellesley Municipal Light Plant
4 Municipal Way

Wellesley MA 02481

Think Green…please don’t print this e-mail unless you really need to When responding, please be advised that the Town of Wellesley and the Massachusetts Secretary of State have determined that email could be considered a public record.

Straw Hat Park

Attached below is the landscaping plan for the proposed new Straw Hat Park.  Jean Mineo of the friends of the Straw Hat Park, a Medfield Foundation initiative, reported to the Medfield Foundation board at its meeting last night that her group is looking:

  • for $70,000 of funds from the annual town meeting this April; and
  • to fund raise $24,000 for extras and special features planned for the new park, such as the fountain.

Construction will begin in August if monies are appropriated at the annual town meeting.  The really interesting extras will be included if sufficient funds are raised to allow for them.  Interested supporters can reach Jean at 242-9991.

Monique Allen of The Garden Continuum donated the design services, and Jean continues to donate countless hours to making Medfield more interesting – Jean was behind the Art Boxes that now decorate the traffic control boxes around town and the Thistle project coming this May to decorate forty trees at the Medfield State Hospital.


Sander rescued

Mike Sullivan also told me yesterday about a town sander that went off the road on Causeway Street yesterday, trying to do the edges of the street.  It apparently had to be righted by a heavy duty wrecker.  Mike said it was able to continue sanding after being righted, as it had no damage.  Deb told me that it got Medfield on the TV news.

As I saw the plows yesterday I thought to myself how much institutional memory there is in all the DPW workers’ heads as to where the streets are and how best to plow each particular area.  Similarly, when I mow in the summer, I have such patterns etched into my brain about how to do it and where to go next to allow me to do it as fast as possible, that even if I become so demented that I lose all mental functioning I will still be able to mow our lawn.  I have been running the snow blower so much of late, that I am starting to develop those same patterns etched into my brain about the location of the edge of my driveway and walkways at each point.

Snowmagedon status in Medfield

And on the 40th day of the snows of 2015, the DPW workers took time off to sleep, and the town ran out of salt.

Mike Sullivan called this afternoon with a town status update, and the bad news is that the town has run out of salt.  Mike says that our regular supplier just has not filled our order, and that our alternate supplier does not have available trucks to make a delivery to us.

Expect snowy roads for a while, and slow down.

Snow rake

If you are having ice dam issues feel free to borrow our snow rank from the snow bank in our driveway.  Reaches second story roof from the ground.


Rob Gregg & Medfield’s Vine Lake Preservation Trust

The Globe West Weekly had a long and nice account of Rob Gregg’s tremendous efforts to improve our Vine Lake Cemetery.