Sander rescued

Mike Sullivan also told me yesterday about a town sander that went off the road on Causeway Street yesterday, trying to do the edges of the street.  It apparently had to be righted by a heavy duty wrecker.  Mike said it was able to continue sanding after being righted, as it had no damage.  Deb told me that it got Medfield on the TV news.

As I saw the plows yesterday I thought to myself how much institutional memory there is in all the DPW workers’ heads as to where the streets are and how best to plow each particular area.  Similarly, when I mow in the summer, I have such patterns etched into my brain about how to do it and where to go next to allow me to do it as fast as possible, that even if I become so demented that I lose all mental functioning I will still be able to mow our lawn.  I have been running the snow blower so much of late, that I am starting to develop those same patterns etched into my brain about the location of the edge of my driveway and walkways at each point.

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