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I saw the otter in the pond off Harding Street while jogging yesterday morning.  The cars did not seem to bother him, but my red running pants did when I stopped.

River otter in pond along Harding this afternoon

Deb and Kristen just reported sighting a river otter in the pond along Harding Street, near Wight Street this afternoon.  Years ago Deb and I found a dead one (probably hit by a car) on Harding by the the stream near the RR tracks.  I like knowing they live right around us.

DCAM last night on MSH

Last night DCAM conducted another in its string of Public Involvement Process (PIP) meetings on the clean up of the Medfield State Hospital property (this one over 2 hours), but

  • with a new tone seeking a collaborative solution, and
  • with a new team.

The reason for the meeting was a report on the finished work at the clay containment area, but the real news was both the new tone and the new DCAM environmental team.   Four new consultants were introduced, who will now join Weston & Sampson.

Additionally, as reported after the Friday meeting Mike, Kris and I had with DCAM last week, they are reaching out to schedule stakeholder meetings with various groups.  My suggestion to DCAM a week ago to hold working meetings of the LSP’s seems to have morphed into what was announced last night as a 1/12/12 technical meeting to discuss the science at 7:30 PM at the Medfield Town House.

There will apparently be a fresh set of eyes reviewing the clean up.  Let’s hope that the town’s suggested clean up of the C&D area now gets a more favorable consideration by DCAM.  The costs I was quoted when we met a week ago make their current plan and our requested plan seem to cost the same when permanent monitoring is added in – they quoted $5.5m to do our materials removal versus $1.6m for their cap and cover, but when one adds in $2.6m cost for the monitoring for the first 30 years, their cap and cover gets to a $4.2m cost, and I am guessing that the remaining monitoring from 30 year out to forever would have a present cost of the other $1m that would make both approachs cost the same.  DCAM will hopefully release the full details of those numbers as they launch their new period of collaboration.

Thermal imaging of homes

The Board of Selectmen approved the Medfield Energy Committee’s suggestion to have Sagewell proceed with its mass thermal imaging program in town.  over a couple of days Sagewell will drive all streets with a special infrared camera, which will produce a thermal image of each home.  The homeowners can then view that thermal image  on-line, to see where heat is escaping from the front façade of their home.

Those homes that can most benefit from energy upgrades will get postcard invites to take action, via referrals to MassSave certified contractors, but all home owners can view only their own home photo.  An opt out is provided.

Energy Comm. reports

“NSTAR is arranging for an ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit to be conducted on the Medfield library building (HVAC and lighting) by EMA at no cost to the Town!  Once it happens, it takes one month before a report is delivered with a formal debriefing.”

96 unit 40B on West Street

This is the executive summary I received at last night’s selectman meeting, which was submitted this week by The Gatehouse Group, LLC about its proposed 96 unit rental 40B development on West Street that they call The Parc at Medfield, at the old Potpourri site.

Friday meeting with DCAM

Last Friday, the town administrators and I met with Commissioner Carole Cornelison and her staff about the status of the Medfield State Hospital environmental clean up.  The attached agenda lists the topics covered.

The big news was that

  • the Clark Building is coming down in January,
  • that three new sets of experts have been hired to review the plans and make suggestions, and
  • that the cost to clean upthe C&D area as DCAM suggests is $1.6m with 30 year monitoring costs of $2.6m, versus $5.5m to do the clean up as the town suggests.

The agenda is at