Public Safety personnel honored with Life Saving Medals

L-R: Sgt. Conor Ashe, Off. Wayne Sallale, Off. William Bento, FF/EMTP Matthew Reinemann, FF/EMTP William DeKing, Susan Harman, Chief William Carrico

At the Select Board meeting last night Police Chief Michelle Guerette respectfully requested and the Select Board bestowed the distinguished Life Saving Medal to the following named Fire and Police personnel for their superior performance at a Motor Vehicle Collision on May 18, 2021:

Fire Captain Michael Harman (presented posthumously to his widow Susan)

FF/EMTP Matthew Reinemann

FF/EMTP William DeKing

Sergeant Conor Ashe

Officer Wayne Sallale

Officer William Bento

Chief William Carrico

A motorcyclist in a collision with a vehicle on South Street is alive today only because of the emergency medical treatment provided by these stellar Medfield Fire Department and Medfield Police Department employees, whose training, professionalism, and character operated to allow them to save a life in the most dire of circumstances.

Chief Michelle Guerette

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