STM vote 60% YES

1,118 YES 752 NO

However, a 2/3 vote of the special town meeting (STM) is required for passage.

The next step for the town will be to see if more than 50% of residents vote in favor of the new school on 11/15 at the ballot election, which would satisfy one of the two criteria required to move forward with the new school process.

If the 11/15 ballot succeeds, then, those in charge of the new school at Wheelock campus effort will need to decide whether they feel enough town residents want to hold a second special town meeting (STM), as the process allows, to see if at that second STM whether 2/3 of voters will both attend and support the new school. We had less than a 25% turn out of registered voters yesterday.

A large plurality favoring the new school at the 11/15 ballot would certainly send a strong message to the new school at the Wheelock campus leaders that residents want a second chance via a second STM.

4 responses to “STM vote 60% YES

  1. Thank you for the detailed up to date information on the STM. You were the first to answer my questions. I was very impressed with how well run this meeting was organized. Also the special parking for we seniors. Much appreciated.


  2. Lester M Cohen

    The “Yes” proposal would have to change the minds of about 127 voters if the same number of townspeople showed up again. Personally I was on the fence before I voted and even after I voted I am still on the fence. The arguments made by the “Dale @ Dale” proponents and the new info related to the Newton school project would cause me to hesitate even more to vote “Yes” than this past Sunday.


  3. Nic Scalfarotto

    Strongly suggest that, given the decision to move forward with the plan, that an equal effort be implement to identify commercial entities to defray the continuing reliance on property as source of capital funding. Such an approach is not sustainable as a long term strategy. As an example development of the Dale and hospital properties as business parks could be examplles.

    Ideally, a detailed discussion of plans to attract commercial entities should have been done in parallel to the plans for the school and presented to the voters. Had that been done there is a likelyhood that stronger support for the school planning would have been achieved.

    I would urge that, as a follow-up, there be an immediate discussion on plans to attract commerciial entities.

    Additionally there should be clear communications on how inevitable cost overruns will be addressed.


    • Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

      First, the vote did not pass the new school, as it needed a 2/3 majority to pass, and only got 60%. Second, typically, commercial uses do not want to locate in town where we are not on major roads. Also, the Town of Medfield is currently being offered $44m. for the Medfield State Hospital site by Pulte Homes with $3-4m. a year in extra property taxes, but the town does not seem interested in that offer, and is instead pursuing the Trinity Financial offer that pays $2m. and $1m per year in taxes. Just as most do not want the 702 units Pulte proposes at Medfield State Hospital, most commercial uses carry issues that many do not want next to their own homes, despite all of us wanting lower taxes.