Medfield Food Cupboard Day

Medfield Food Cupboard Day

The Medfield Food Cupboard has been providing essential services to the town residents for thirty years, and the Select Board declared 11/9/2021 as “Medfield Food Cupboard Day.”

I had the honor to attend the Medfield Food Cupboard annual meeting last night to present the MFC with its proclamation. I can report that it was an extremely upbeat and happy celebration of the Medfield Food Cupboard’s many accomplishments over the past year: climbing out of a basement into a new location, serving many more clients, with much more food, and with many more food choices.

The MFC clearly operates akin to a well oiled fine watch at this point, and it was rewarding to see its expertise and efficiency in person. The Town of Medfield is so fortunate to have such a dedicated, experienced, productive, and good natured group of volunteers assisting our town.

In recogrnt1on of the Medfield Food Cupboard's 30th anniversary and their
steadfast efforts, the Town of Medfield issues this proclamation to honor
the Medfield Food Cupboard for "Thi1ty years of Neighbors Helping
Neighbors." Our community appreciates this meaningful milestone, and it is one
we can all feel proud about. In addition, the Board of Selectmen proclaims
November 9th to be Medfield Food Cupboard Day in the Town of Medfield.
Since its inception 30 years ago, at the United Church of Christ,
the Medfield Food Cupboard (MFC) has faithfully served our neighbors -
individuals, couples, seniors and families - in need of supplemental and
emergency food. At its heart, the MFC's mission is to make food available to
all Medfield residents suffering from food insecw·ity.
For over three decades, MFC donors and supporters have played a significant role
through food and financial contributions. Their volunteers' efforts, in conjunction
with support from our community, have made a lasting impact on those who rely
on their services.
Throughout the pandemic our community witnessed an outpouring of support for
the MFC and for those whom it serves. At the peak of the pandemic they
collectively served over 200 Medfield residents - the largest number in MFC
history, ensuring those who needed a helping hand were getting it. Observing a
world-wide crisis, during which our community quickly came together, was indeed
a powerful moment for all.
Congratulations to the Medfield Food Cupboard on 30 years of servmg our
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