Elementary School Project – Sustainability Forum 7PM Thursday

Elementary School Project

Sustainability Forum this Thursday

Zoom Link:

https://medfield-net.zoom.us/j/83347163639?pwd=N0phSWk0ZlViS3BPQlQ2TlhkdXBrdz09Hear from Arrowstreet, the new Elementary School Project architect, about the design considerations to be made over the next two months related to energy efficiency and net zero emissions:What is it?Why do it?Where is MA headed?Case StudiesOther Agenda Items:Utility incentives New Elementary School ProcessOther Building Types & Net Zero/Energy Efficiency Incentives for residential users Q&A/Break-out discussions  A net zero building uses only as much energy as it can generate and being able to achieve that is a function of the building design. 
 Please join us to learn more on Thursday!
 Sponsored by the the Sustainability Subcommittee of the Dale Street School Building Committee and the Medfield Energy Committee.

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