The day the thunder died

Final installment today in Bill Massaro’s account of the removal of the old water tower at the former Medfield State Hospital site.

Bill did salvage for the town a 5′ X 5′ piece of the water tower, for which I am now entertaining suggestions for its use – maybe the base for a sign for the Water Department???

For my Facebook and LinkedIn followers, please know that I restored both those links yesterday, and I do not know how many days they were down, but all posts you missed are available at the blog

20160810-WJM-MSH water tower demo-day 8.jpg

This will be my final daily report…

Day 7 had finished with approximately 2 full tiers of  plate remaining.

As of  6:00 p.m. today–Day 8–  all demo work is complete.

All the steel plates, including the bottom(floor) plates have been cut and stacked.

Four roll-offs were filled and trucked off-site today, and I estimate  that no more than 3-4 additional roll-offs will be needed  to remove the remaining plates.


So  shipment of all the steel to the scrap facility and demobilization of the tower demo crew should  still complete late Thursday or early  Friday.



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