Tower demo day 7

Bill Massaro’s ongoing careful accounting of the ever shorter and quickly disappearing Medfield State Hospital water tower.

20160809-WJM-MSH water tower demo-day 7

Day 6 had finished with approximately 2.5 tiers of  plate remaining.

Day 7:  As of  7:00 p.m. today  approximately 2  full  tiers still remain.

Only  1/2  of a tier was removed today.  This was  to facilitate  access to the tank floor and the cut sections that had been dropped there over the past 6 days.  Most of today was then spent dragging out these sections with the bobcat, cutting them into smaller pieces, and stacking them for loading and transport to the scrap facility in Everett.  One full roll- off left the site this afternoon.

Goal is for all of the remaining standing  sections to be down by end of shift tomorrow (Wed -Day 8) .   Removal of the tower’s concrete base is not part of the tower demo firm’s (ALL Industrial) scope of work.   Shipment of the cut plates to the scrap facility should complete Thursday or Friday at the latest.


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