A walkable MSH

Good article (full article is here) on what people want in a housing – walkability – with good insights to use at the town’s Medfield State Hospital property.  I can see making MSH walkable by the housing being dense, with small versions of the stores, restaurants, offices, and amenities residents want, plus transportation connections. In ten years I can see autonomous vehicles providing the needed transportation connection to downtown and the trains/MBTA, but until then maybe a small local bus.

We Want More Walkable Neighborhoods — but Can Our Communities Deliver?

11/30/2015 08:50 am ET | Updated Apr 30, 2016

“The most requested neighborhood characteristic of all buyers is walkability,” real estate broker Andrea Evers recently told a reporter for The Washington Post. But, in an article written by the Post‘s Michele Lerner, Evers went on to say that “very few areas” in the greater DC market meet the desired criterion, particularly if the prospective buyer wants to be within walking distance of a Metro transit station. And that, in a nutshell, is the good and bad news of walkability.


Let’s elaborate on the good part: More and more of us want to be within safe and comfortable walking distance of the destinations that meet our everyday needs, such as shops, places to eat, services, parks, and good transportation options that can take us downtown and to jobs and other places we want to go. It’s the hottest trend in real estate, sought by buyers and renters alike.

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