Energy Committee


Medfield Energy Committee
Thursday August 11th, 2016
7:30 PM Town Garage

  • Acceptance of July 14th MEC meeting minutes
  • Energy Manager/Facilities Manager Considerations    – Fred
  • Energy Manager’s report:                     – Andrew
    • Garage Solar RFP
    • META grant for MAPC to prepare Energy Reduction Plan
    • Mass Energy Insight
  • Next steps Green Communities             – All
    • Plans for energy audits – COA        – Marie & Paul
    • School building energy improvement    –
    • WWTP & Water energy strategy        – Fred B
    • DPW building, Diesel/Gasoline strategy    – new DPW
    • AECOM proposal status            – Fred D
    • Public Safety building strategy
    • Update of other energy improvement projects
  • Solarize Medfield Status:                    – Marie
    • Plans for Medfield Day Sept 17th
  • LED Streetlight Maintenance Contracts        – Fred D
  • Other business
  • Next meeting  September 8th, 2016  at 7:30 DPW conference room


MEC Meeting Minutes – July 14th, 2016

Attendance: Fred Bunger, Cynthia Green, Paul Fechtelkotter, Maciej Konieczny, Pete Peterson, Marie Nolan, Andrew Seaman, Mike Sullivan and Kelly Brown, area DOER representative.

  1. June 9th meeting minutes accepted as presented.
  2. Energy Manager’s Report
    1. DPW solar RFP prepared by New Ecology awaiting DOER review. Target early August RFP out.  Solar Design doing interconnect design.  Green Skies(WWTP solar contractor) eager to bid.
    2. Applied for META grant (new OATA name) assistance for developing 20% energy reduction plan. Up to $7500 available. Andrew to prepare application for Select Board approval
    3. Andrew to get all information up to date on the Google Cloud.
    4. Andrew to sign up Energy Committee members as “read-only” participants in MassEnergy Insight program to track Town energy usage.
  3. Discussed Andrew’s leaving.  Andrew is now working remotely at 15 hours per week.  He will be finishing up on projects and will continue to input information to the 20% reduction plan. He will be in contact by phone ((757) 620-8883) and e-mail.  Andrew will move in late August or September.  Andrew will submit weekly reports to Mike Sullivan and  Energy Committee Chair Fred Bunger.  Fred to meet with Mike Sullivan, Jeff Marsden and Mike LaFrancesca July 20 or 21 to determine plan for filling Energy Manager position.
  4. Solarize Medfield: NE Clean Energy is selected contractor.  Their bid was higher quality with better guarantees.   “Meet the installer” presentations scheduled for July 27 at 7PM in Town Hall and August 18 at 7PM in the Library.  Another will be held in September at the high school.  Solarize Medfield will have a booth at Medfield Day on September 17th with Energy Committee to help man the booth.
  5. Green Communities 20% Energy Reduction Plan.
    1. Schools:  Plan to dig up old audits of schools and to plan new audits for MHS, Middle School, Memorial School and Wheelock School.  Audits to be an early task for new Schools Facilities Manager.  Future of Dale School is uncertain, so despite poor energy use intensity (EUI) Dale will not be studied.  MHS EUI of 87.4 vs K-12 median of 58.9 may be reasonable given the amount and time of use of High School facilities.  Several schools energy improvement projects have been identified and plans for further energy improvements should be based on audit results.   Paul F. and Fred D. to follow up.
    2. DPW Garage, Gasoline and Diesel:  Plans for improving these energy users to be a priority for the new DPW Superintendent Maurice Goulet who starts work August 1st.
    3. Sewer and Water:  WWTP and Water system managers will be asked to use Mass Energy Insight to calculate EUI for Medfield systems to see if there are opportunities for improvement.   Fred B to follow-up.
    4. COA:  EUI of 83.1 vs median of 45.3 indicates large opportunity for improvement.  Marie to work with Roberta Lynch to set up energy audit.
    5. Library, Town Hall, & new Public Safety:   These efficient buildings may have limited opportunity for improvement.
    6. Pfaff Center:  EUI of 105.6 vs median of 67.3 indicates large opportunity for improvement.  May plan for energy audit.
    7. Streetlights:  Plan for purchase of streetlights and conversion to LED is prepared.  Awaiting confirmation that maintenance contract would be acceptable to Town leadership.
  6. Kelly Brown provided advice on preparation of the energy reduction plan.
    1. Be aware that lighting conversions do not cut energy usage very much although they may be financially attractive.  Concentrate on HVAC and the bigger energy users
    2. Energy Audits should cover both electrical and fuel usage.  Suggested that RISE Engineering has capability to do both. Other companies mentioned doing town energy work are Horizon, World Energy, and AEC.
    3. Trash hauling energy usage may not be subject to the 20% reduction requirement.
    4. There are opportunities for energy improvement in consolidating energy management systems and retro-commissioning systems.
    5. Kelly recommends a preliminary consultation on the Green Communities submittal in late August or Early September.
  7. The Committee celebrated Andrew’s wedding and mourned his leaving with cupcakes & refreshments.  Good Luck Andrew!!
  8. Meeting adjourned at 9:30

Next meeting Thursday August 11th.


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