Medfield’s one earmark vetoed by Governor

State-House-smaller_1 (1)

Medfield was scheduled to get only one earmark in the FY17 state budget, $150,000 for the state to build a new road to the Charles River Overlook on state land, so that the easement over the town’s former MSH property could be eliminated.  Per John Nunnari’s email this morning, Governor Baker vetoed that money.  Many such vetoes are overridden by the legislature.

John closely follows the legislature for the architects, and always knows what is happening.


Just fyi, but as part of the Governor’s veto message, the following has been eliminated:

 2810-0100 For the operation of the division of state parks and recreation;…. provided further, that not less than $150,000 shall be expended for the creation of a roadway at the former Medfield State Hospital property in the town of Medfield

 I’m hearing that the House/Senate intend to take up the Governors vetoes during Formal Sessions on Thursday  – with the potential for it to extend into a rare Friday Formal Session.

House and Senate leadership are upset with the Gov’s $256M in reductions over 303 line items (which included approx.. $60M in earmarks – which the Medfield State Hospital roadway project would be considered).

More to come.


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