MEC minutes – next Thursday PM


MEC Meeting Minutes – June 9th, 2016  – – – Next meeting July 14

Attendance: Fred Bunger, Cynthia Green, Paul Fechtelkotter, Lee Alinsky, Pete Peterson, Fred Davis, Marie Nolan,  Andrew Seaman .

1.    May 12th meeting minutes accepted with corrections.

2.     Energy Manager’s Report
a.    Presented energy baseline data to Selectmen June 7 noting major energy users and energy users with high energy use index (EUI).  Selectmen support 5 year 20% improvement goal
b.    WWTP Solar at full capacity with bad inverter replaced.
c.     Public Safety Building solar change order issued.
d.     DPW solar RFP being prepared by New Ecology using funds from OATA. Target RFP issued 7/5 with award in August.
e.    Andrew to meet 6/14 with Kelly Brown of DOER and Steve Gratton of Eversource to clarify what is needed for 20% improvement plan submission and discuss areas where Eversource can provide help.
f.    LED streetlights still on hold pending getting evidence from other towns on LED maintenance experience.  –Fred Davis volunteered to draft letter to send to other towns asking for information.

3.    Discussed Andrew’s leaving.  Hopes to leave in July.  Job description to be updated and more Facilities Manager content added.  Asked Energy Committee members for recommendations where to recruit for Andrew’s replacement.

4.    Solarize Medfield: RFP  sent out to select installers,  replies due June 13th.  Will review by June 22nd and select in early July.  A “meet the installer” will be held in July/August and September.  Marie will reserve space for Medfield Day with Energy Committee to help man the booth.

5.    Stretch Energy Code Support:  Energy Committee will urge the Selectmen to write to the State to support a strong Stretch Energy code.  Fred B to draft a letter, circulate via e-mail to Committee members for editing.

6.    Green Communities 20% Energy Reduction Plan
a.    Charts prepared to show major energy users: MHS, Middle School, Town Garage,  Dale School, Memorial School, Wheelock School and diesel fuel account for 80% of Town energy.
b.    Chart of Energy Use Index(EUI) shows excessive energy use in Town Garage, Pfaff center, Dale School, MHS, COA, Memorial, Middle School.  All are more than 20% above US medians for similar buildings.
c.    Andrew will add police & fire buildings and streetlights into baseline data
d.     Committee discussed focusing energy reduction efforts on Town Garage, MHS, Middle School, Memorial and Wheelock.
e.    An energy conservation program will be developed for each Town Department/major energy user.  Fred recommended that every effort be made to have the individual departments and personnel participate in preparing their own energy reduction plan so that there will be commitment to execute the plan.
f.    Andrew and Fred scheduled meeting June 20th with School Superintendent and School Committee to review the energy baseline and get support for the department to develop a schools energy reduction plan.
g.    Development of 20% improvement plan:
i.    Schools – Paul and Fred D. work with Alan Peterson to review earlier projects and add detail to 20% energy  improvement plan.
ii.    Department of Public Works, diesel & gasoline – will discuss with new Superintendent of Works when hired.
iii.    Water & Sewer Department   –  energy committee volunteer: Fred Bunger
iv.    Street lighting proposal already developed
v.    Town House, Library, The Center and Parks and Recreation – no action planned at this time
vi.    Recommended MassSave energy audits on COA, Pfaff and Dale to see if there are low cost quick fixes available.  Dale’s age and uncertain future may preclude doing much to lower energy use.

6.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:27

Next Meeting:  Thursday July 14th

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