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Warrant Committee members this year

cropped-medfield-town-house2.jpgModerator Scott McDermott has appointed Jack Wolfe to the Warrant Committee for the upcoming year to replace retiring long time Warrant Committee stalwart Gus Murby, and reappointed Tom Marie and Nick Athanasiadis, as per the Moderator’s letter below re same.

Warrant Committee Chair Mike Marcucci and Warrant Committee members Greg Sullivan, Sharon Tatro, and Martha Festa all attended the meeting of the selectmen this past Tuesday to start earlier than in the past discussions with the selectmen and town administration about the upcoming FY17 budget – that budget will be voted on at the town meeting at the end of April.

The Warrant Committee also reported to the selectmen on Tuesday that the Warrant Committee is doing their annual training with Mike Sullivan on 10/3 and holding their first meeting of this budget cycle on 10/13.

FY 2016 Warrant Committee
Gregory Sullivan of 122 Green Street [term expires 2016]
Michael T. Marcucci of 3 Causeway Street [term expires 2016]
Martha Festa of 16 Quail Run [term expires 2016]
Barbara Gips of 25 Boyden Road [term expires 2017]
Sharon Kingsley Tatro of 12 West Street [term expires 2017]
Robert M. Skloff of 11 Wheelwright Road [term expires 2017]
John E. (Jack) Wolfe of 17 Harding Street [term expires 2018]
Nikolaos Athanasiadis of 30 Quarry Road [term expires 2018]
Thomas C. Marie of 72 Pine Street [term expires 2018]
Michael T. Marcucci shall serve as Chairman.

September 23, 2015
Carol Mayer, Town Clerk
Town of Medfield
Medfield MA 02052

Re: 2016 FY Appointments to the Warrant Committee

Dear Ms. Mayer:

I am very pleased to confirm the FY 2016 appointments to the Warrant Committee of the Town of Medfield. I am honored to appoint John E. (Jack) Wolfe of 17 Harding Street to the Warrant Committee for a term which shall expire in 2018. Jack will succeed Gus Murby who served with great distinction as a member and Chairman during his two full terms in office.

I am also very pleased to affirm the re-appointment of Nikolaos Athanasiadis of 30 Quarry Road and Thomas C. Marie of 72 Pine Street for new terms which shall expire in 2018.

Finally, I am pleased to report that the following six members of the Committee are continuing in the service of the Town of Medfield:

Gregory Sullivan of 122 Green Street [term expires 2016]
Michael T. Marcucci of 3 Causeway Street [term expires 2016]
Martha Festa of 16 Quail Run [term expires 2016]
Sharon Kingsley Tatro of 12 West Street [term expires 2017]
Robert M. Skloff of 11 Wheelwright Road [term expires 2017]
Barbara Gips of 25 Boyden Road [term expires 2017]

I will request that each new and re-appointed member contact you to arrange to take the oath of office at your earliest mutual convenience. As always, thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,
Scott F. McDermott

cc: Town Administrator
Board of Selectman
Warrant Committee

Angel Run – Online registration is open

Angel Run

Greetings Angel Run Friends

Join us for the 10th running (or walking) of the Angel Run on Sunday, December 6th at 2pm!

Registration for the MFi Angel Run is officially open. This year registration is exclusively online at and runs through October 31st. Register by this date to receive the always popular commemorative Angel Run t-shirt. After October 31st online registration will close and sign ups will be limited to the day of the event only, with no t-shirt option. New this year will be bib tag timing and an option to purchase a special 10th anniversary Angel Run keepsake when you register online.


The MFi Angel Run Team

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Lyme Disease Citizen Study Committee update


The Lyme Disease Citizen Study Committee and its hunt in town are remarkable well organized, as witnessed by its attached minutes.

Selectmen recently heard from the Trustees of the Reservations’ ecologist, Russ Hopping, about the beavers, but who also reported that at the TTOR Moose Hill property in Sharon the deer have eaten all hardwoods in the forest so completely that there are now no new hardwoods growing under six feet in height – dramatic changes in that forest.  He also confirmed that due to the excessive number of deer over eating our forests, that habitat for ground nesting birds, such as the grouse and woodcock, and the birds themselves, are just disappearing from the area.

Restoring balance in our forests is one of the additional benefits of culling the deer by our town hunt.

Town of Medfield Lyme Disease Citizen Study Committee

Meeting Minutes – Monday June 15, 2015 – 7:00 pm

Attendees: Chris Kaldy (Chair), Frank Perry, Barry Mandell
Minutes – reviewed meeting minutes from Apr 29.

 Controlled Hunt, Fall 2015 (season 5)

Frank starting interview process of new hunters. Will need to schedule proficiency testing.

October 3 is a new MA kids hunt day. Discussion about additional hunting property. Hospital land issue – large fields on each side of hospital are state owned. Medfield property is only the buildings; Dover owns behind buildings down to the river. Need to work with Dover. Maybe Selectmen can help recruit private properties.

Would like to send thank you letter to private property owners, signed by Selectmen.

Want to promote TTOR membership to hunters. Only a few showed up for work days.

Barry reported 20 deer hit by vehicles in Medfield in 2014, up from 18, per the animal control officer.


  • Chris to print 60 yellow hunting signs and laminate hunting permit tags.
  • Chris will print up more deer management brochures with 2015 date.
  • Chris to draft TY letter to property owners from Selectmen.
  • Frank will ask Selectmen about help with recruiting private properties.
  • Frank will drop hunting signs at P&R
  • Frank and Barry will interview rest of new hunters.
  • Barry will purchase additional stands.
  • Barry will provide updated deer collision/road kill data from Medfield & area towns.
  • Chris will follow up again with Millis BOH (376-7042), Barbara Thissell (

On hold:

  • Frank to talk to ConComm more about 4H barn and property.
  • Chris will contact Sam Telford to discuss tick study on 4H property.

Tick & Lyme Education

Ongoing during tick seasons: Facebook site posts & Medfield TV 30 second spots.

Chris reported:

– P&R would like more signs. Frank to drop off.

– Met with Susan Cowell to update school curriculum. Have a few items to follow up on.   Susan will find out from grade 3 teachers whether value in distributing tick check cards a second time (1st & 3rd graders receive cards currently). Cost is $1.75 ea so budget issue.

– NNT never came back with date to speak to members. Chris will follow up in fall.

– New member possibility – Chris met with Allie Sahr (involved with field spraying effort)

  • Chris to provide Susan Cowell with updates to curriculum.
  • Chris to follow up with NNT for fall.
  • Chris will confirm late summer with Allie Sahr about joining committee.


Spraying fields – Chris reported through Michelle Whelan’s and others’ efforts, Park & Rec erected blue fencing around the edges of the fields at McCarthy Park. Norfolk County Mosquito applied a low volume organic spray at the start of June for mosquitos and ticks. P&R also cut back the brush another 10 feet and put a 3’ mulch barrier behind the fence. Signs are posted on the fence to not go into the area to retrieve balls and that the area is tick habitat. They will continue to keep the grass cut short and enforce the rule of no dogs off leash. P&R is looking into the possibility of tick tubes and deer stakes. They plan to do tick dragging to measure effectiveness of prevention measures. Hinkley is also part of plans.

They plan to meet with Dr. Marsden and try for a similar plan at the Wheelock fields.

  • Chris will follow up with Allie / Michelle again and P&R Kevin Ryder.

Budget – Note: Need to submit any expenses by end of June. Buying 3 new stands will use up most of balance of budget.

Next Meeting: TBD Sept 2015 in Warrant Meeting Room at Town Hall

Submitted by Chris Kaldy

MSH aerial tour

This aerial drone tour of the MSH is provided by Peter Hinkley and done to Carmina Burana, which is near and dear to my heart as I sang it in high school.  It the outset of the video one gets a good look at the new water tower and note the wedge shaped pieces of steel stacked up on the ground that will become its roof.

Peter Hinkley says “First flight since the lake incident” which lets the mind imagine all sorts of water-drone disaster scenarios.

BoS preview of 10/6


Selectman Chair Richard DeSorgher circulated this afternoon a reminder “that our third meeting of the month is designed to discuss one topic in depth- tonight will be the warrant Committee, budget” and with his list of topics therefore being put off to the 10/6 meeting of the BoS:

To be added to October 6 agenda

Old business:

* Harding Street RR tracks

* Verizon Cell Tower contact (Pete)

* Dale- Charlesdale brush/sidewalk

* Metacomet sidewalk

* Straw Hat Park/ DPW work schedule

* Beavers

Danielson Pond damage to dam

Stop River dam concerns to neighborhood houses

Mill Brook/ Alec Stevens concerns

Appointment of Town Committee to work with TTR

Jim Sullivan volunteered to be Hartford Street neighborhood rep.

Suggest Alec Stevens, Bobby Kennedy, Mike Sullivan, Frank Perry

* Columbia Gas sidewalk repairs- invite to next selectmen meeting

* Sarah Raposa on establishing a meeting with Brothers, Greg Salavadore,

Historical Comm. and abutters on parking lot, trucks and historic Wheelock House

* Green Street, Pine, Winter, Harding and Causeway road paving/work update (Ken)

* Finalize/approve goals for 2015-2016 for selectmen and for Mike

New business

* Green Street residents request for “no parking” on Green St from North to Brook St

New water tower

20150920_MSH water tower

This is what the town’s new water tower looks like today, after a summer of construction work, mainly by welders from all over the eastern seaboard.  The water tank is constructed of steel panels that are welded together, and that is the big bulging thing that sits on the ground still.  What remains to be done is to add on the flat top made out of pie shaped wedges of steel, lift the whole thing into place at the top of the cement column, attach it to those protruding braces, and insert the steel column in the center that will allow one to climb to the top through the middle of the tank.  The cement column is actually hollow, and never contains any water.

The tank was recently painted “tower white,” per Mike Sullivan, a color they chose at the town house.  To me the color looks much like the old water tower’s color, which my eyes had always seen as a light blue.  The construction crew told one walker from my home that they  could have made the water tower any shape or color the town wanted – perhaps we missed an opportunity to have an iconic shaped water tower.  What is the proper water tower shape for Medfield?  I do not know, but I wish that we had run a contest to collect ideas, and see what surfaced.

BoS minutes from 9/15

Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Peterson; Town Administrator Sullivan; Administrative
Assistant Clarke; Selectman Fisher absent
Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read announcements, adding
that we want to take a moment to remember the events of 9/11 and the lives lost at the World
Trade Center, the skies over Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon.
7:00 PM Public Hearing, earth removal bylaw violation by Larkin Bros. constructing new
development on North Street. Larkin’s contractor Chris Conti remarked to the Board that he
had removed the earth as it was a surplus amount of material, lack of space to store at the site
and did not anticipate any further use for the material. It was trucked to Sam White’s and
received no compensation from them nor did he pay for them to accept. Mr. Conti went on to
say that he was not aware of the fact that he needed to obtain an earth removal permit; many
towns where he has worked did not have this requirement.
Michael Larkin said that they do not have any need for the material so it will not come back to
the site and it amounts to about 275 cubic yards.
Mr. DeSorgher queried if Sam White has sold any of the material or truck it out of Medfield;
response was we don’t know.
Selectman DeSorgher said that it is your responsibility to find out procedures in any town that
you work so there is no excuse of not knowing. In Medfield we had one other incident such as
this a very long time ago that carried a heavy fine. However, since Selectman Fisher is not here
this evening I suggest we postpone this hearing until the next meeting. Town Counsel Cerel
was recognized and informed the Board that the hearing cannot be held over; a decision must
be made tonight. Discussion ensued and a fine of $3-5,000 was mentioned. Mr. DeSorgher
asked for a motion.
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion to impose a fine of $5,000.00 seconded by
Selectman DeSorgher and the motion carried
Members present: Marcia Aigler, Jennifer Polinski, Gabriele Harrison, Health Agent Bridget
Sweet and Nancy Bennotti, Administrative Assistant; Wendy Jackson absent
Jennifer Polinski gave an update to the Selectmen on some of her board’s activities that
included grant received for a needs assessment to dispose syringes and sharp objects used for
medical service. BOH has received many requests for proper disposal due to it being illegal to
use public trash. There are high numbers of pediatric/adult diabetic patients and other forms
of health issues that require almost daily injected medication causing backups of these medical
instruments. Ms. Polinski went on to report that application was made and awarded for a
second grant for the purchase and maintenance of a Disposal Kiosk for these items that
presently is temporarily located at the Town Garage.
September 15, 2015
Page two
Board of Health revisited and updated tobacco regulations resulting in amending to raise the
age from 18 to 21 for the purchase of tobacco and e cigarettes. A public hearing was held on
July 14, 2015 and the amended regulation goes into effect January 1, 2016. Discussion ensued
regarding vaccinations for children particularly focused on kindergarteners whose parents must
submit a record of proof to the school department.
The Selectmen are very appreciative of the good work of this very important board that covers
so many aspects of public health.
The next topic on tonight’s agenda is Beaver Dams. Bridget Sweet remarked that the Board
of Health may issue a 10 day emergency permit only if a beaver dam is causing a threat to a
resident’s property such as flooding of septic system, flooding of a public or private driveway or
a threat to public health or safety. If not remedied may apply to Division of Fisheries and
Present for this discussion from the Trustees of Reservation Michael Francis and Russ Hopping
Ecology Director; from the Norfolk County Mosquito Control Board Dave Lawson and Caroline
Haviland; wildlife trapper Barry Mandell; Frank Perry member of Medfield Lyme Disease Study
Prior to the beaver dam discussion Selectman DeSorgher read from a prepared statement
about his serious concerns; the potential loss of Hartford Street should there be a serious
rainstorm such as a nor’Easter causing the road to be closed and the large expense to the Town
to rebuild; losing many trees that will/have died due to flooding; he is aware of a beaver
deceiver pipe that is only six inches in diameter. This size will not carry huge currents of water
in the event of a major rainstorm. Knowing that the Trustees are Medfield’s largest landowners
it is his hope that the town and trustees will together develop a management plan to help
eliminate these concerns.
Barry submitted a map of Medfield outlining those areas where he inspected and observed
active sites. Almost all of these sites have had beaver dams through the years causing flooding
and other concerns. Presently active sites are along the Charles River, Stop River watershed
near Clark Road, Juniper Lane and near Stagecoach Road. Less active at this time and mostly
due to lack of rain is in the Mill Brook area from Main Street to downstream of the Fork factory
David Lawson talked about mosquito breeding areas, the potential of West Nile Virus and triple
E as flooding is causing stagnate water and swamp like conditions. He continued saying that
the use of safe pellets will help in mosquito control, however the Trustees put into effect last
year a policy of no mosquito control spraying on their properties and continue to enforce their
policy this year.
September 15, 2015
Page three
Resident Alec Stevens was recognized and he spoke about his concern with Jewells Pond
(Philip Street area) that is on his property and the serious threat if a major storm happens
causing the beaver dam to break and the water flow into the pond will destroy the surrounding
structures. Right now there are large amounts of algae and weeds growing that he feels is due
to the lack of water flow. He monitors the pond frequently.
Frank Perry said that the Trustees are very cooperative with the Lyme Committee and the
management opportunities given to us with the deer culling program. We are very
appreciative. He went on saying that he wants to address the beaver issue; yes the dam is a
concern, however, there are a number of devices that will help to alleviate beaver dams. This
particular area of Hartford Street should be closely looked at because if we have hard rains it
will become a treacherous issue.
Michael Francis and Russ Hopping provided some information about their beaver management
program and that they are very tolerant of beaver activity. Beavers have great effects on the
ecosystems. There will always be conflicts between humans and the beavers.
Their population once was about 24,000; it has increased to over 70,000. The Trustees will
monitor the activity at Hartford Street.
Selectman DeSorgher recommends that a committee be formed between the Town and
Trustees so that we may work together on this serious issue. The Selectmen thanked all in
attendance for their input and considerations.
VOTE: Motion made by Selectman Peterson to accept the September 1, 2015 minutes
seconded by Selectman DeSorgher. Motion carried
Superintendent Feeney requests the Selectmen vote to sign a Chapter 90 Project Request in the
amount of $150,000.00 for the resurfacing of Green Street.
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion to sign Chapter 90 Project Request in the
amount of $150,000.00 and as recommended by Superintendent Feeney, seconded by
Selectman DeSorgher. Vote was unanimous
Selectman DeSorgher is concerned with the size of delivery trucks that go into the Marketplace
parking lot and in general these very large delivery trucks that sometimes cannot make a turn
from one road into another. Mr. Sullivan advised that there is a downtown summit meeting
planned to take place within several weeks and perhaps talking with Sarah this discussion may
September 15, 2015
Page four
be an agenda item. Another item for that agenda may be downtown parking or lack thereof. A
discussion regarding a parking structure should be another summit topic.
Chair Megan Sullivan requests the Selectmen vote to appoint Rachel Brown to the committee
and requests the size of the committee be increased up to nine members from seven. Two
members of the Committee Carl Mellea and Scott Colwell have submitted their resignations
VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously and with deep regret to
accept the resignations of Solid Waste Study Committee members Carl Mellea and Scott
Colwell; appoint Rachel Brown to the Committee and allow the Committee to increase
their number of members up to nine
The Girl Scouts are celebrating their 10oth Anniversary. As part of their celebration they request
permission to have a booth outside of Town Hall collecting items to donate to worthwhile
organizations. Another event that they request permission is to use the Town Gazebo for a
celebration on June 15, 2016. A motion was made and carried to grant permission for the Girl
Scouts booth outside of Town Hall on October 17, 2015 and permission to use the Town Gazebo
on June 15, 2016 for a celebration. and the use
VOTE: On a motion made and seconded to grant permission to the Medfield Girl Scouts
booth outside of Town Hall on October 17, 2015 and grant permission to hold a June 15,
2016 celebration from 5 PM to 8 PM at the Town Gazebo
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield High School Student Council to
hold their annual Sleep Out for the Homeless on Friday September 25, 2015 beginning
at 6:00 PM on the lawn outside Town Hall
VOTED unanimously to grant Medfield Green permission to post signs from September 28
to October 12, 2015 advertising October as Medfield Green Month at the Transfer Station
VOTED unanimously to grant the Medfield Lions Club permission to post signs from
October 25 to November 7, 2015 announcing the annual Chowder Fest November 7 at
the Senior Center and permission to display the Town’s VMS sign at the Transfer Station
announcing the event
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to Medfield Soccer 3v3 Tournament to display
signs September 16 through September 30 promoting the October 4, 2015 event
September 15, 2015
Page five
Mr. Peterson remarked that he attended the Energy Committee meeting. The committee will
be attending the Selectmen’s October 20 meeting. Also attended the hospital planning
committee meeting and Medfield Cares About Prevention.
Mr. DeSorgher reported that a resident had contacted him about his concern of a broken
sidewalk at Dale Street and Charlesdale Road; DPW will make the repair. Tree Warden Ed
Hinkley very quickly responded to removing a dead tree; thank you Ed.
Mr. DeSorgher went on to say that Medfield is a Tree City and he would like to make a motion
to encourage replanting trees when one comes down; Selectman Peterson seconded and it was
so voted.
Mr. DeSorgher continued with his report giving kudos to Chief Meaney and the new program he
has in place “Stop-Lock-Walk” that is a very good policy. Mr. DeSorgher would like to see
additional advertising of the water ban, even numbered houses may water on Mondays and
odd number may water on Thursday. It remains very confusing to the public.
At 9:45 PM Mr. Peterson moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. DeSorgher; it was
unanimously voted.

Beavers at TTOR’s Fork Factory

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory-3

Selectmen had a long discussion Tuesday evening about the beaver dams at the Fork Factory off Rte. 109 with Michael Francis, Superintendent for the Trustees of the Reservations’ Charles River Valley Management Unit and Russ Hopping, the Trustee’s ecologist, Frank Perry of the Lyme Disease Study Committee, the Board of Health, and the owner of the downstream Jewell’s Pond, Alec Stevens.

After that meeting Alec Stevens yesterday wrote a lengthy email description of the issues and problems he experiences carefully monitoring and adjusting the water level in Jewell’s Pond to respond to water flow changes based on rainfall by means of his spillway boards and three valves that control deep culverts, the dangers to Jewell Pond from a sudden release from the upstream beaver ponds, and suggestions for improvements to beaver management.

Also after that meeting, last evening Alec, Frank and I toured both the beaver dams at the Fork Factory and Jewell’s Pond, during which I took the attached photos of those beaver dams.  The reality is that the beaver dams are not too much, but are strategically placed to block the outflow of the two stone raceways.  There is a 6″ beaver deceiver pipe installed to allow the flow trough the dam.  There was also a beaver swimming around who seemed unconcerned with our presence.

Also after Alec’s email, today Mike Francis emailed that the Trustees are willing to look at installing more measures to control and manage the beaver dams.  The TTOR actually distributed copies of its beaver policies from 2005 at the meeting, which are basically to leave the beavers alone unless they pose a nuisance.

I am hopeful that progress in on the horizon.  I am truly impressed are how much hands on pond and water flow management Alec is doing, including daily checks, multiple checks per day during rain events, and a webcam for remote monitoring.

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory-4

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory-2

20150917_beaver dam at Fork Factory

BoS on 9/22


Tuesday September 22, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

7:00 PM   Council on Aging, Roberta Lynch Director Discussion regarding FY17 budget

7:30 PM   Warrant Committee
Preliminary discussion for FY17 budgets

LCB’s proposed assisted living

Peak House & Clark Tavern

LCB of Norwood is proposing to build a 78 unit assisted living facility on a large tract of land zoned for residential use on Rte. 109 behind the Peak House and the Clark Tavern.  The land is actually U shaped and so large that it fronts on Rte. 109 in two places on both sides of those and the other intervening properties.

As the first step in the required permitting process, LCB has applied to the Conservation Commission for needed permissions to do work near the wetlands.  I asked to have that LCB application put on-line, because I figured there would be lots of interest.  Deb had a hard copy from being on the ConCom, so I was able to review that one.

The on-line version is at the town website under the ConCom section (look under the heading on the right captioned FORMS & PUBLICATIONS, there seem to be three PDF files) –

When this proposal first surfaced, I reviewed the current zoning bylaw and its recent amendment at the 2012 town meeting, when the town added assisted living facilities as permitted uses, and I concluded that there is a serious legal question as to whether assisted living facilities are in fact a permitted use in residential zones in Medfield.  I assume that issue will get fully vetted and sorted out when the permitting gets before the ZBA.