Bikes to BNB

Today we dropped off at the Bikes Not Bombs bike drive at the Legion the 17 bikes we collected from the swap last summer and over wintered in case any kids from Medfield families in need, as identified by Medfield Youth Outreach worker Dawn Alcott, wanted them as Christmas presents (there were no takers).

Our bike collection adventure began last summer when we retrieved a really nice Specialized bike from the Swap and asked Dawn if she knew anyone who might like it, and the girl identified by Dawn was reportedly so unbelievably delighted to get that bike, that we all thought there might be others who would follow.  Instead, now, those 17 bikes will get shipped by BNB to Central America or the Caribbean, where there are even more families in need, so a great result.  BTW, it looked to me that BNB collected upwards of 75 bikes.

Former Warrant Committee member, David Fischer, was helping BNB to reduce the size of the bikes by loosening and twisting the handle bars and reversing the pedals, along with at least one other Medfield student, judging by the young man’s Warriors T-shirt.

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