MSBA grant for Wheelock boiler

Letter this afternoon from the Massachusetts School Building Authority approving a grant to the town for the boiler replacement at the Wheelock School in the amount of $179,137 to $187,565 –

Massachusetts School Building Authority
Deborah B. Goldberg John K. McCarthy
Chairman, State Treasurer Executive Director

March 25, 2015

Mr. Michael J. Sullivan, Town Administrator
Town of Medfield
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052

Re: Town of Medfield, Ralph Wheelock School

Dear Mr. Sullivan:

I am pleased to report that the Board of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (the
“MSBA”) voted to approve the Proposed Accelerated Repair Project (the “Proposed
Project”) for the Town of Medfield (the “Town”) for a boiler replacement project at the
Ralph Wheelock School.
The Board approved an estimated maximum Total Facilities Grant of $179,137, which
does not include any funds for potentially eligible owner’s or construction contingency
expenditures. In the event that the MSBA determines that any owner’s and/or
construction contingency expenditures are eligible for reimbursement, the maximum
Total Facilities Grant for the Proposed Project may increase to $187,565. The final grant
amount will be determined by the MSBA based on a review and audit of all project costs
incurred by the Town, in accordance with the MSBA’s regulations, policies, and
guidelines and the Project Funding Agreement. The final grant amount may be an
amount less than $179,137.
Pursuant to the terms of the MSBA’s Accelerated Repair Program, the Town has 90 days
to acquire and certify local approval for an appropriation and all other necessary local
votes or approvals showing acceptance of the cost, site, type, scope and timeline for the
Proposed Project. Upon receipt of the certified votes demonstrating local approval, the
MSBA and the Town will execute a Project Funding Agreement which will set forth the
terms and conditions pursuant to which the Town will receive its grant from the MSBA.
Once the Project Funding Agreement has been executed by both parties, the Town will be
eligible to submit requests for reimbursement for Proposed Project costs to the MSBA.
We will be contacting you soon to discuss these next steps in more detail, but in the
meantime, I wanted to share with you the Board’s approval of the Proposed Project for
the Town of Medfield for a boiler replacement project at the Ralph Wheelock School,
40 Broad Street, Suite 500 •Boston, MA 02109 •Tel: 617-720-4466 •Fax: 617-720-5260 •
March 25, 2015
Town of Medfield PF A Board Action Letter
and the Board’s authorization to execute a Project Funding Agreement for this Proposed

Cc: Legislative Delegation
Osler L. Peterson, Chair, Medfield Board of Selectmen
Christopher Morrison, Chair, Medfield School Committee
Dr. Jeffrey J. Marsden, Superintendent, Medfield Public Schools
Michael LaFrancesca, Director of Finance and Operations, Medfield Public
Alexandra Vresilovic, Owner’s Project Manager, Skanska USA Building, Inc.
Mike Trzcinski, Designer, Hesnor Engineering Associates, PLLC
File: 10.2 Letters

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  1. Ancelin Wolfe

    Good news! Congratulations and thank you to whoever put the grant application together

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