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Jeri Bergonzi at Dwight-Derby House 9/5

From the Friends of the Dwight-Derby House, Inc. –

Dwight-Derby House Kitchen Concert Series Continues with

Medfield’s Jeri Bergonzi

Medfield, MA–On Thursday, September 5, from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm, The Friends of the Dwight-Derby House will host the fourth of its Kitchen Concert Series featuring Medfield’s stellar pianist and jazz vocalist Jeri Bergonzi and accomplished bassist Barry Smith.


The event, held at the Dwight-Derby House at 7 Frairy Street in Medfield, is a “First Thursdays” event and will help to raise funds for the next phase of restoration of the house: installation of a working kitchen.

Tickets for this fun and intimate evening of jazz are $25 per person and will be sold at the door. Ticket price includes everything but the kitchen sink: beer and wine tasting provided by Larkin Liquors, delicious finger food furnished by The Jeep Grill and outstanding jazz by the talented Jeri and her bassist Barry.

Jeri grew up singing the songs of her beloved Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell while listening to the progressive rock bands of the1970s.  After graduating from Boston College with a degree in literature and philosophy she decided to get serious about her piano playing.  She studied jazz improvisation with the legendary Charlie Banacos and followed her newly found career path playing and singing the clubs and hotel venues in Boston, including Turner Fisheries at the Weston Hotel, Oak Bar at the Copley Plaza, Bay Tower Room, Scullers Jazz Club, Toff’’s Lounge of the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Marriott Hotels at Copley and Longwharf, the Ritz Carlton, and the Hyatt Regency.  Stints with Top 40 dance bands, GB groups and solo piano tours in Europe helped pay the rent while honing her jazz skills.  Jeri’s repertoire spans the jazz tradition from the standards of Porter, Gershwin, and Ellington to the contemporary sounds of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner. Today, you are most likely to catch her performing with her jazz vocal trio or playing at the Top of the Hub with Tony Carelli’s quintet, which features two horn charts from the memorable Blue Note years.

Bassist Barry Smith is an assistant professor at Berklee College of Music. He earned his Bachelors of Music at the Manhattan School of Music and his Masters in Music from Julliard. Barry has performed with Al Cohn and Zoot Simms, Double Image with Dave Samuels and David Friedman, the Joe Hunt Group, and the Pat Metheny Quartet.  He has toured with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, Woody Herman and the Thundering Herd, the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, the Gerry Mulligan Big Band, the Gerry Niewood Quartet, and the Red Rodney/Ira Sullivan Quintet and has recorded with the Alfred Cardim Trio, Lionel Hampton, the Steve Rochinski Quartet, Red Rodney and Ira Sullivan, Ed Saindon, and Danny Weiner.

Get ready to tap your feet and be amazed. Join us for good food, good music and a good time.

The Friends of the Dwight-Derby House is a citizen’s group established to support the active use, restoration, maintenance and preservation of this historic property.  Today, it continues to raise funds through grants, individual and corporate donations, and sale of memorabilia. The donation of time, talent and effort by many local volunteers has also contributed to its restoration.

Lenders rate your credit by your FB friends

We aren’t “alone” any more, and never will be…..


Choose your Facebook friends wisely; they could help you get approved — or rejected — for a loan.


We’re # 37

Boston Magazine rated Medfield schools as 37th best out of 147 municipalities in the Greater Boston area.  Medfield had amongst the lowest per pupil costs of those in the top fifty that appear in my issue.

Problem with elected judges in other states

The following needs to be more fully examined –

From the Brennan Center for Justice on Judicial Campaign Contributions and Recusal Rules

New Report Highlights Questionable Spending in 2004 Illinois Supreme Court Election
In a recent report for the Center for American Progress, authors Billy Corriher and Brent DeBeaumont highlight allegations that State Farm violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) in the 2004 Illinois Supreme Court election by secretly contributing to the campaign of Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier. Prior to the 2004 election, State Farm appealed a case to the Illinois Supreme Court in which they were ordered to pay over $1 billion for breaching a clause in their automobile insurance contract. The case, Avery v. State Farm, remained pending during the 2004 election cycle, during which State Farm and its employees contributed $350,000 to Justice Karmeier’s campaign. After winning the election, Justice Karmeier refused to recuse himself from the case, and in 2005, he joined the majority in overturning the ruling against State Farm.

In 2009, in light of the Caperton v. Massey ruling, the plaintiffs’ counsel in Avery “launched an investigation to determine whether State Farm’s financial involvement in Justice Karmeier’s 2004 campaign had been fully disclosed. The plaintiffs claim to have uncovered additional evidence that proves that Justice Karmeier’s conflict of interest was just as significant as the conflict of interest in Caperton. As with the donations from Massey Coal, State Farm had a ‘stake in a particular case’ that was ‘pending or imminent’ at the time that it ‘rais[ed] funds or direct[ed] the judge’s election campaign.'” Information uncovered by retired FBI Special Agent Daniel Reece led the plaintiffs to believe that “as much as $4 million given to Justice Karmeier’s campaign came from State Farm or entities strongly influenced by State Farm executives.” The authors note, “This newly unearthed evidence suggests that State Farm deliberately concealed the extent of its financial support for Justice Karmeier’s 2004 campaign by funneling money through a trade association, a political action committee, and a political party–all with the goal of reversing the $1 billion verdict against the company.”

Source: Billy Corriher and Brent DeBeaumont, Dodging a Billion-Dollar Verdict, Center for American Progress, August 2013.

Safer bike helmets

Bicycling magazine recently ran an article discussing new cycling helmets and standards that provide better protection against concussions and TBI.  Here is a link to an on-line version:

Lead poisoning & marijuana – similar drops in IQ

Chris Thurstone, M.D. is a Colorado child psychiatrist who studies adolescent addiction and writes about the problems he witnesses of our youth using marijuana.  In a recent article, he notes the similar 8 point decline in children’s IQ that has been documented for both lead exposure and marijuana use by youth, and our society’s quite different response to the two causes

See Dr. Thurstone’scomments

About Dr. Thurstone (from his website) –

Dr. Christian Thurstone is one of fewer than three dozen physicians in the United States who are board certified in general, child and adolescent and addictions psychiatry. He is medical director of one of Colorado’s largest youth substance-abuse-treatment clinics and an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado Denver, where he conducts research on youth substance use and addiction. Dr. Thurstone has completed medical training at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and UCD. In 2010, he completed five years of mentored research training through the National Institute on Drug Abuse/American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry K12 Research Program in Substance Abuse.

BoS minutes for 7/16 & 8/6

Meeting Minutes
Meeting room
…… ··draft
PRESENT: selectmen fisher, Peterson, DeSorgher; Assistant Town Administrator Trierweiler;
Town Counsel Cerel; Administrative Assistant Clarke. Town Administrator Sullivan absent
Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and announced that this meeting is
being recorded. He began the meeting asking for a moment of appreciation for our brave
servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan.
Attending, Robb Gregg, AI Manganello, David Temple
Commissioner Gregg said that the committee appreciates the invitation from the Board to be
present this evening as there are several items he would like to bring to their attention. The
commissioners would like to see that a charter is established outlining items such as the
purpose of their group, including scope of duty, preservation rules and etiquette, how to plan
for future growth and patterns. He said that they have no input and are unaware of what goes
into preparing the cemetery budget and as far as record keeping as to who and number are in
each plot it’s sketchy at best. When a burial takes place for someone out of town, no record
can be found in Town Hall. Gregg said that the commission is looking for some direction from
the Selectmen. Mr. Peterson apologized as to the fact that there has been no guidance from
the Board and totally agrees that we have to plan for future growth. Mr. DeSorgher is also
concerned that a plan for expansion must be in place before the cemetery is full. Undertakers
handle in part the burials calling the DPW to make arrangements. The pricing of plots comes
under the Town setting pricing. Mr. Fisher commented that the cemetery is well maintained.
The Selectmen agree that DPW does an excellent job and also commend Frank lafolla and Ron
Griffin who take care of placing flags at the veterans’ graves for Memorial Day. The Board
thanked the commissioners for their input.
The Board is anxious for this committee to move forward and have invited the committee this
evening to give them some idea of what we hope they will accomplish. Important to develop
the resources to help support businesses already in town and also seek out new opportunities
to locate to Medfield. Mr. Peterson pOinted out that housing is primary. Mr. Sullivan was
advised to prepare a mission statement for the Selectmen’s review at the next meeting.
Members on the committee have expressed their desire to continue are Pat Casey, Joe Scier,
Ann Thompson, Paul Hinkley and Charlie Peck and James Wakely. On a motion made and
seconded it was voted unanimously to reappoint the Economic Development Committee.
New members added are Ralph Costello, Jim James, Tom Nightingale and Marion Lent.
Member Pat Casey was tasked to act as chairman and call the first meeting. He said that is best
to wait until summer’s end as people may have vacation plans.

July 16, 2013
Gus Murby Warrant Committee Chairman remarked that this item is his committee’s number
one issue on their agenda. Presently we have 680,000.00 and in 2011 the town had 39.8 million
in liability and we need 3.5 million a year. He said that he attended a few meetings on the
subject and Medfield is at the front of the line trying to keep on top (as compared to other
The Governor is working on reform changing who is eligible. A required stipulation is that
insurance benefits will only be offered to employees who have 20 or more years of working
service to be eligible for health insurance. This item is objectionable and in Medfield we have
several employees who missed this requirement.
VOTED unanimously to approve the July 2, 2013 meeting minutes with revisions
VOTED unanimously to grant a common victualler license to a new business, Starbucks
Coffee located at 461 Main Street (former Mobil Gas Station)
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the High School Student Council to hold a c
Fundraising car wash behind Town Hall on Saturday August 24, 2013, 8AM to 2PM
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to
appoint Gwen Centore and Roslyn Talerman to the Council on Aging Board and as
recommended by Council on Aging. Vote was unanimous
The Town has not as of yet received the document. Place on next meeting’s agenda.
Ms. Trierweiler remarked that Town Meeting ratified the three-year contract, which calls for a
2.5% increase for each year. The Selectmen are requested to vote to sign the contract.
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectmen DeSorgher to approve
and sign The Agreement between the Town of Medfield and the Medfield Police League for
July 16, 2013
the term July 1, 2013 to June 30, 3016. Vote was unanimous
The Board is requested to award the contracts for several projects pertaining to the new
VOTED: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to award
the contract for Fuel Tank Storage Replacement to MECO Environmental Services, Inc. in
the amount of $90,880.00; award contract for Pavement Pulverization to Murray Paving
and Reclamation at $.95 a square yard and to Aggregate Industries Northeast Region
Installation of Binder Asphalt at $69.29 a ton
Annual committee appointments. Ms Clarke who just returned from vacation will contact
committee chairmen to find out if members are seeking reappointment. Hold for future
Mr. DeSorgher has additional ideas to be included on the list of goals; improving
communications; direction to the state hospital committee; long-range planning; continue to
provide high quality education to our citizens. As town Administrator is not here this evening,
the Selectmen agreed to hold the discussion regarding Selectmen’s goals for the next meeting.
Ms. Trierweiler reported that the Permanent Building Committee, Police Chief and Fire Chief
will attend a Selectmen’s meeting in September.
Post Office fence – As Sullivan has had no firm commitment as to when the fence will be
repaired, Mr. DeSorgher strongly suggests that Congressman Kennedy be contacted. The
situation has been going on too long and it is a safety issue.
Mr. Peterson remarked that the Cultural Counsel has had very interesting discussions on
several topics to enhance the downtown; attended the MCAP meeting. It is a great group of
people who truly care. The committee is waiting to hear if we received the grant giving the
Town $125,000 for five years to carryon the work of this group.
Selectman Peterson held office hour at the CENTER and had a discussion with Beth Weaver; her
son bought the Clark Tavern and I told her anything the Town can do to help with the project to
please let us know. Another resident inquired about returnable bottles at the Transfer Station.
I let him know that we have single stream recycling and this has cancelled bottle deposits.
July 16, 2013
_____ f’age_four’—-_____ _
Mr. DeSorgher reported that the Downtown Study Committee did a site walk at Meetinghouse
Pond to see if a plan could be developed to revitalize the area. He would like to form a
committee to oversee the project. Committee to include Downtown study Committee, Cultural
District, Garden Club, Historical the First Parish church and Montrose School. A Selectman
should be appointed and Ken Feeney as ex officious. Desorgher attended the weekly meeting
at the garage site. Nstar needs to remove a utility pole at the site in order for the project to
move forward, however, Nstar’s lack of response is frustrating. He went on to report that on
my daily work around Town I noticed a couple of areas that need attention. At 16 Hickory Drive
the sidewalk is dug up and needs to be repaired; Elm Street, at pole number three there is
excessive wire on the ground which is very unsafe. Fence at Hinkley Park needs repair and I
talked with Jim Snyder who will get it fixed.
Mr. DeSorgher made note that there are a few items to carryover to the next meeting; Town
Charter and By Law Review Committee, Insurance Advisory Committee and a date for state reps
to attend a meeting.
Mr. Fisher remarked that he enjoyed the Sousa Band performance on July 3. It was a terrific
concert. He encouraged the listening audience to come to the downtown on Thursday
evenings. The concerts at the Gazebo are great and visit the Zullo Gallery to relax and enjoy
the music.
Ms. Trierweiler highlighted the article regarding MA plan to ban commercial food waste.
If you have at least 1 ton of organic waste you will need to donate or repurpose the food
waste beginning July 1, 2014. This applies to restaurants, hospitals, universities, etc. The
waste will be shipped to a facility that will turn it into clean energy.
Notes of July 9th DPW garage meeting
Copy of 2012 Annual Report ofthe Foundation for Metrowest
A public hearing is scheduled with the Selectmen on August 6 regarding the Nstar pole at
Starbucks. She said we will have a site visit at 9:30 tomorrow to discuss the location of
the pole.
MBTA Advisory Board Appointment. Michael has been the appointee. Request to reappoint
VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was Voted unanimously to reappoint Michael
Sullivan to the MBTA Advisory Board
Department of Public Safety, Architectural Access Board granted a sidewalk variance for
Randi’s Automotive located at 26 Spring Street
State Hospital Redevelopment Committee Chairman Steve Nolan reported to the Selectmen
that DCAM said that the numbers will be available in another week as they need the time for
i +– !
July 16, 2013
I’age-five———— –
internal review. We had hoped to see them by today.
Nolan said that they met this evening with the Water and Sewer Board to discuss the water
tower and tubular wellfields to determine what their needs are. We are hoping to get a
transfer of land on which the Town could construct a new water tower as the current tower is
beyond repair. There is also the issue of the existing tubular wellfields which are needed for a
backup water supply for the Town. At this point it appears we will need a town meeting vote to
file legislation regarding these issues and discuss the idea of easements vs a fee simple title.
There is still a lot of discussions that have to take place. The Selectmen agree and thanked the
committee for all their work.
Selectman Peterson made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 PM seconded by Selectman
Desorgher. The vote was unanimous.
Meeting Minutes
Meeting room
–draft _.
PRESENT: Selectmen Fisher, Peterson, DeSorgher; Town Administrator Sullivan; Assistant town
Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative assistant Clarke
Chairman Fisher called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and announced the meeting is being
recorded. He began the meeting asking for a moment of appreciation for our brave servicemen
and women serving in Afghanistan.
PUBLIC HEARING -Nstar Grant of Location to install one pole on North Street
Christine Cosby, Nstar Rep said that the work is necessary to provide electrical service to the
new Starbucks as they require more electricity than the previous business. She remarked that
we had a site visit with Town officials and determined the best location for the pole.
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to approve
the grant of Location for one (1) utility pole located on North Street. Vote unanimous
Selectman DeSorgher said that he has a few items to bring to the attention of Nstar. Nstar is
holding up a $10 million dollar construction project, a new town Garage. The pole must be
removed and Nstar refuses to do the work; numerous calls have been placed and we have had
no response. This situation in itself is costing the Town extra money and we deserve a rebate.
Another issue is a pole on Eastmount Road that was put through a drain pipe causing flooding
in the street. Again it has been that way for a long time with no response from Nstar.
Right here on Janes Avenue is the Robert McCarthy Blacksmith Historical Monument that was
dedicated in 2011. Selectman Peterson personally called Nstar requesting that the double pole
right near the site be removed and no response.
Mr. DeSorgher thought that Ms. Cosby was the Town’s new Nstar Representative. He
apologized to her saying that I know it’s not your fault but I have to let Nstar know about my
frustrations with the company. He then continued with the double pole issue saying that he
has counted about 200 poles along the streets and wants an answer to Nstar’s justification
about breaking the law. The law states that double poles should be removed within 90 days.
His list does go on and he again said how very frustrating that we cannot get Nstar to take care
of these situations. Ms. Cosby said that she is not the person to help get some resolution to
these issues, however, she will forward the information through the proper channel.
Chairman Brandie Erb highlighted some of the projects that have come before her committee
throughout the year. She remarked that Medfield’s application to be designated a Tree City
met most ofthe qualifications including an Arbor Day Ceremony. We will find out in 2014 ifthe
designation comes through. The Committee was happy to work with the developer of the
former Mobil Station and is pleased with the results ofthe new Starbucks facility. After Lord’s
August 6, 2013
-1——– -Page-two’——-
closed we came up with an idea to help cover the “black hole” on Main Street; talked with the
director of the after school program and a plan was made to cover some of the windows with
the children’s art work. A wonderful job was accomplished and it looks great. We are very
cognizant of the fact that the downtown should be updated and we are working toward those
goals. There has been discussion with the utility companies to put the wires underground
particularly from South Street to Park Street, however, this is a very expensive project and very
disruptive. She went on to say that they have reviewed the Baker’s Pond area and to start we
hope to enhance the site by putting in some new plantings. We do feel that we want to make
Medfield a vibrant and welcoming community.
Mr. Peterson talked about adding signage to make the public aware ofthe Park Street
businesses and hopes some resolution will be met.
Mr. DeSorgher said that the new Meetinghouse Pond committee should have a Downtown
Study Committee liaison so we will work on that. He continued that there have been
improvements already that are very pleasing. The Selectmen thanked Ms. Erb for the
Committee’s efforts in making the downtown a welcoming site to Medfield.
Jean Mineo told the Board that she would like to give them information about the Paint Box
Project. It entails the utility boxes on public sidewalks. We want to start with the box outside
Bank of America and we also included the box in front of CVS because of its prominent location.
The program commissions an artist to create an original work of art on the box which will
enhance the area and reduce graffiti. The paint box project is modeled after the Boston
program where 80 boxes have been painted since 2008. We estimate a budget of $500.00 for
each box. The Council is committed to raising funds for the two boxes and if individuals or a
business can help with additional funding the program can be expanded. She commented that
the review committee is herself, Bill Pope and Kristine Trierweiler.
Mr. Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to authorize and implement
the project as described.
Selectman DeSorgher was contacted by resident Paul Deluca requesting permission to use the
Town Gazebo for a benefit concert, proposed date second or third week in September. The
cost of a ticket is $15.00 and a food donation for the Medfield Food Cupboard. Mr. Deluca
thought it a good idea to hold the concert on the evening of Medfield Day. The Selectmen
suggested that he talk with MEMO before setting the date and also to Police Chief Meaney.
Mr. DeSorgher said that he knows of the work Mr. Deluca does for local charitable purposes.
The Selectmen look forward to learning the finalized details.
Michael Taylor Chairman said that the commission looks at historical resources that we feel
should be protected. Right now we are concerned with the 23 buildings at the hospital site.
August 6, 2013
– –f’age-th~ee,———
Tomorrow night at 6 PM there will be a walking tour of the buildings to make an assessment.
Anyone interested should meet at the Chapel. A study was done about 10 years ago and at that
time it was determined that two or three had to be torn down. Our tour tomorrow night will
give us much needed information about the
condition of the buildings right now. After the tour we will meet in Town Hall for our regular
meeting and discuss the property.
Mr. Taylor remarked that the commission is working with the new owners of the Clark Tavern
on Main Street and is also focusing on the downtown from the Monk’s Block to Green Street.
Matt McCormack remarked that the committee is an advisory board keeping the aesthetics of
the downtown in particular pleasing. He mentioned that the committee is aware of the fact
that the Park Street businesses need signage to be placed at Main Street and hopes that the
Selectmen will include them in a decision regarding signage around town. He highlighted the
decision regarding the Kingsbury Club sign. Also mentioned that as they work with the sign
bylaw, in particular getting new businesses to follow the requirements, the committee agrees
that the sign bylaw needs updating.
Library Director Deborah Kelsey said that the Council appreciates the state’s technical
assistance to re-identify a smaller proposed cultural district. The plan she described is more
focused and includes specific goals and management ofthe district, street scape, public art and
we do have a financial advisor. We are working on a pamphlet of photographs and haikus
highlighting the Town. She went on to say that along with Jean Mineo and Sarah Raposa we
have had a work driven summer to revise our application that will hopefully allow the area to
be classified as a cultural district by the state.
The Selectmen are requested to vote to sign the vendor warrant and several contractors’
agreements pertaining to the new DPW Garage:
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to sign
the vendor warrant payable to the Town’s Inspection Department for building permits in
the amount of $68,190.00; Agreement with Aggregate Industries, Northeast Region for
Placement of Bituminous Concrete Pavement at $69.29 per ton; Agreement with MECO
Environmental Services, Inc. for Fuel Tank Modifications in the amount of $90,880.00;
Agreement with Murray Paving, Inc. for Pavement Pulverization at $.9S square yard;
Williams Stone Co., Inc. for Granite Curb at $25,994.55. Vote was unanimous.
Mr. Sullivan said that he wanted the Board to know that the contractor will begin construction
next week.
i August 6, 2013
VOTED unanimously to approve the meeting minutes for May 21, June 4 and 18, 2013
with revisions
The Town has engaged Powers & Sullivan, LLC, Certified Public Accountants to provide an audit
of our financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. The Selectmen are
requested to vote to sign the engagement letter.
VOTE: Selectman Peterson made a motion, seconded by Selectman DeSorgher to execute
the engagement letter with the Town’s Auditors Powers & Sullivan, LLC. Vote was
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Youth basketball association
to post signs announcing registration for the 2013-2014 season.
VOTED unanimously to grant the Zullo Gallery a one-day wine & malt beverage permit
For event to be held Friday August 9, 2013 SPM to 11:30 PM
The Economic Development Committee charge. Mr. Sullivan presented the Selectmen with a
draft copy. They will review and discuss at the next meeting.
Mr. Sullivan reported that the Post Office fence will be repaired beginning later this week.
Selectmen’s goals. DeSorgher reviewed and wants to add “improve communication with Town
Boards to support a positive atmosphere”
Tentative dates of September 17 or October 1 for state reps to visit
Annual appointments; hold for next meeting
Announcement to the listening audience; the Board of Health has vacancies. Interested
residents send resumes to the Town Hall
A letter was received from MASS Historic Commission wherein they write that they do not
August 6, 2013
support the demolition of the Odyssey House. It was requested of the Police Chief, Fire Chief
and Building Commissioner to let the Selectmen know their thoughts about the condition ofthe
house. Each one supports the demolition as the building, in their opinions is a public safety
hazard. Letters have been written to be delivered to MASS Historic Commission.
The Selectmen are requested to vote to request MASS Historic reconsider their denial of
demolition and sign a letter stating their position and it was so voted.
Ms. Trierweiler remarked that a fall special town meeting will have to be called regarding the
home rule petition for water issues. She said that she will discuss with the Town Clerk and have
a meeting date schedule for the next Selectmen’s meeting.
Mr. Peterson held first Friday of the month office hour at the CENTER and had interesting
conversations with several people. He would like to see consideration of placing solar PV at
the state hospital site. Mr. Peterson commented that Stone Consulting is conducting an
investigation regarding OPEB. He feels that this is a former Selectmen Committee item.
Mr. DeSorgher is concerned with the condition of the North Street road. Mr. Sullivan said that
it left that way as a temporary repair until it settles. He advised that Medfield should reach out
to neighboring towns, Sherborn, Dover, Millis, to attend a meeting to let them know the up-todate
plans for the hospital property. His thought is that the meeting could be held at the
Dwight-Derby House in September. Selectman DeSorgher received a call from a resident who
would like to see Town Hall be more visitor friendly and resident’s suggestion is to spruce up
the front and back entrances by refinishing the front door. Mr. Sullivan said that we have plans
to do that work very soon. Also, suggests that we should have a one question survey handed
out to Town Hall employees regarding suggestions as to what can be done to make visits to
town hall a more positive experience.
Mr. DeSorgher feels that the trenches on Route 109 near Donut Express and the Groceria are
dangerous. Have DPW take a look. An observation from his daily walk, request homeowners
trim bushes to make the sidewalk easier to pass. On the sidewalk subject he feels that in some
neighborhoods two sidewalks, one on each side of the street should be implemented. Sullivan
remarked that it is more economical to maintain just one. Mr. DeSorgher emphasized the fact
that the utility company cuts back trees and foliage near high tension wires. Sullivan said that it
is a periodic program and they have the right to do. He brought up the subject of the SWAP
area at the Transfer Station that he hears from residents they will not use it. Sullivan
commented that the Solid Waste Study Committee has taken it under advisement.
Selectman DeSorgher congratulated the Pan Mass riders. There were about 50 Medfield
residents who participated. Police did a good job handling the traffic. At Hinkley Pond he
understands they have had a successful season this year. He attended the weekly meeting
regarding the new garage and gives kudos to the DPW for the great work they are doing.
August 6, 2013
Selectman DeSorgher reported to his peers that he put together a schedule for the
Neighborhood Mini Town meetings to begin in September. This first one is in the Pondview
Road area and I will take it. Suggest we have a rotating schedule.
Selectman Fisher had a good interview with Jack Peterson. Reminded the audience to come
enjoy the Thursday night MEMO summer concerts at the Gazebo and visit the Zullo Gallery and
enjoy the view from their deck.
Town Accountant Joy Ricciuto prepared the cherry sheet comparison analysis
Copy of the notice for Castagna Construction Corp. to proceed the construction of the
New DPW Garage
Printout of article from the Municipal Advocate regarding pavement management
Norfolk County Commissioners’ FY 12 Annual Report
Motion made and seconded at 9:35 to adjourn the meeting. Vote was unanimous.