Medfield Town Moderator is Reaching Out: Can We Talk?

From Town Moderator, Scott McDermott –

Medfield Town Moderator is Reaching Out: Can We Talk?  Scott McDermott using a series of Open Forums and Open Letters to connect with the community. He has important appointments to make and would like to have ‘a conversation with the town.’

I have 6 or 7 appointments to make (4 SBC and perhaps 3 to WC), so it is an important time for me to have a conversation with the town.  

Attached is the pdf. version of my first Open Letter. Here is a link to the Letter on the town website:

The first Open Forum is tomorrow night and here is a link to town website page that has the Zoom info at the bottom:

I appreciate any promotion on this effort.  And, beyond the focus on the upcoming appointments (which are important), I also want to listen, learn, and discuss two other topics: (i) Town Meetings of the Future; and (ii) Power of Volunteerism in Community.


Scott McDermott


Hello Medfield:
I hope you’ve had a great summer, around town or wherever your travels may have taken you. I enjoy the annual rhythm of Medfield, and how the beat slows down a little during the heart of the summer. And now, as we get deeper into August, the familiar tempo begins to return.
It is an important time for our community. For me as Moderator, it is filled with a unique opportunity, but also a big challenge. To be successful, I need to create a conversation with all of you in Medfield. I need a dialogue that will prepare, guide, and enable me, as Moderator, to make six or seven highly significant appointments.
First, I have two or three appointments to make to our Warrant Committee. Making these appointments, annually at this time of year, is not new to me as Moderator. I’m proud of the heritage of the committee’s excellent service to the community. They do a great job. The Warrant Committee is the key advisory committee to our legislature -- the Town Meeting. They have stepped-up in a big way for our community in recent years as we have addressed a wave of important issues. Bringing talented, committed, and collaborative neighbors to Warrant Committee is an annual privilege of the Moderator.
And, per our vote on a bylaw amendment at our Annual Town Meeting, I have four appointments to the new School Building Committee. I am honored to have the opportunity to appoint three citizens at-large and one member of the Warrant Committee. It is time for Medfield to move forward renewing our commitment to elementary education. In Medfield, we are about being a great community with great schools. We need to come together. We need to go forward as a smart, collaborative, civil, and open town. This fall’s appointments to the new School Building Committee will be instrumental to ‘coming together’ and ‘moving forward.’
Now you can see why I need a conversation with the town! I need to hear from more neighbors. I need to understand differing perspectives. I need to meet a whole lot of new friends. And, although the conversations need to be focused on the Warrant Committee and the School Building Committee appointments, we also have a need to ignite separate conversations about both the spirit of volunteerism and open town meeting in the 21st century.
So, how will I be connecting with you? First, I will begin the conversation by hosting Open Forums. The first three forums are scheduled for:
Wednesday August 24, 7:00pm Medfield Town House live and on Zoom
Wednesday August 31 7:00pm Public Safety Building live and on Zoom
Wednesday September 14, 7:00pm Medfield Town House live and on Zoom
Details can be found on the Town’s website. I will also be corresponding through a series of open letters like this one. And I always encourage you to reach out to me at:
I’m excited to engage and hear your thoughts. Let’s come together. More to come – stay tuned!
Scott F. McDermott
Town Moderator
August 22, 2022

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