STM – Sunday, 11/7 at noon at the MHS

From the Moderator, Scott McDermott –

Town Meeting Brief #1
Town Meeting Brief #1, by Town Moderator, Scott McDermott

This is the first in a series of Town Meeting Briefs to communicate key information in advance of our important November 7, 2021 Special Town Meeting. In this initial note, we focus on the who, what, where, and when of our upcoming municipal legislative session:

Who may participate in our legislative process? Our Town Charter declares “The Legislative authority of the town shall be vested in the town meeting open to all registered voters.” The invitation to town meeting is extended to (i) all Medfield’s registered voters and (ii) visitors approved by a vote of the meeting to sit within the session as non-voters.
Medfield voters, as friends and neighbors, will come together as a legislative body to vote on an important and highly strategic appropriation. When we do come together, we will be ‘living’ the rare example of direct, democratic and participatory self-government. Medfield has approximately 9,320 registered voters. Our voters are active and engaged citizens with 8,384 voting in the last Presidential election, 528 participating as legislators in the 2021 Annual Town Meeting, and 943 gathering for the 2019 Special Town Meeting to vote on MSH zoning.

WHAT is on the agenda? On October 19, 2021, the Board of Selectmen closed the Warrant. The Warrant is the notice to the voters of the subject matter of the meeting. We have only one ARTICLE on the Warrant and, therefore, the exclusive focus of the meeting will be the elementary school building project. The actual vote at the Special Town Meeting will be on a MOTION tracking the Article. The Motion is offered at the beginning of the meeting by the Warrant Committee or the Article’s sponsor.

WHERE is the meeting? The Special Town Meeting will take place at the Amos Clark Kingsbury High School in the gymnasium and in other venues established throughout the high school campus. Registration will be at the front entrance to the high school and more information on parking and logistics will be provided before the meeting.
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Let’s go!

WHEN is the meeting? The Special Town Meeting will begin at 12:00 noon on SUNDAY, November 7th (or as soon as quorum is present).

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