At the annual town meeting (ATM) yesterday evening, the citizen petition, Article 29, asking for an advisory “sense of the town meeting” opinion with respect to the Dale Street School site selection passed 229-213, basically slightly favoring the Dale at Dale solution over the Wheelock site.

The only other article that generated any controversy was the other citizen petition, Article 30, which asked for the creation of a study committee to look into how future School Building Committees would be appointed, which was handily defeated.

Below is the view of the 450 town residents from the platform at the front of the ATM across the front of the bleachers – note Select Board photographer’s shadow to understand how residents had to look right into the setting sun. There were two great video screens at the front to either side of the front platform, just like at a concert, that were rented to assist viewing the speakers – they were the best addition to the ATM. We experienced typical New England weather, storm clouds with rain drops to start, then sunny and too hot, and at the end 63 degrees that felt like freezing after an hour of sitting still in it. Fortunately, at the very end at around 9PM, after four hours, the Moderator asked if anyone was still undecided on the last Article about siting the new school (only a very few hands appeared), and then he called the question. About a dozen people waiting at microphones then lost their opportunity to speak.

Annual town meeting yesterday attendees as seen from the front platform

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  1. Nice job posting, as always, Pete!


  2. Tom powers

    Peter- thanks for all you do for the town, including this blog. I do have to say I was at the ATM and think that in spite , I believe both the warrant committee and selectman recommending a NO VOTE- it actually PASSED.


    • Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Thanks for your input. Yes, my tired brain remembered Article 30 wrong the next morning. Thanks for checking me.