DPW plants trees at Post Office

DPW’s Drew Dauphinee at the tree and Joe Gorman running the machine

Today the DPW’s Drew Dauphinee and Joe Gorman are planting two good sized cherry trees on the berm in front of the post office. The Town of Medfield owns that site and leases it for the post office to use. North Street is starting to achieve a critical mass of cherry trees for the town to build on, starting with the large one at the Bank of America up through the cluster Bob Borrelli installed in front of his two buildings across from Deb’s and my office.

Jean Mineo was heard to think that once there are six more cherry trees along North Street that she will organize an annual Medfield cherry blossom festival.

3 responses to “DPW plants trees at Post Office

  1. Colleen Sullivan

    So beautiful…..I just purchased a cherry tree for my home, ready to plant soon!


  2. Jeanette Ruyle

    And there is a huge old cherry tree next to the U House of First Parish UU on North Street. It is not an ornamental kind. I am not sure what kind it is. The blossoms are white and way up high, so one has to look up to see them. On a sunny day, when it is in bloom, many insects can be seen gathering nectar. Sometimes small cherries develop that are pale pink/yellow. I often wonder how much longer it will live. It is the largest cherry tee I have ever seen.


  3. Select Board member Osler "Pete" Peterson

    There is a huge an beautiful tree that I think is a cherry next to a stucco house on the right on Farm Road in Dover as one drives toward Natick, behind the monstrously huge house that was built on a rise in the adjoining field. The blossoms on that huge cherry tree when they bloom, as they did about two weeks ago, look like clouds floating above the tree and the roof of the house. It is spectacular when it blooms.
    Next around Medfield, look to see the highly unusual fringe tree at the Medfield State Hospital bloom.