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TWMPC report

This week Town Planner, Sarah Raposa, circulated copies of and the links to the report of the Townwide Master Planning Committee –

Final Reports:

o    Volume I – Presenting the Plan (with Implementation Action Plan)

o    Volume II – Inventory and Assessment of Existing Conditions

o    Volume III – Summary of Public Input

MMA’s The Beacon

The Massachusetts Municipal Association has made The Beacon, its monthly magazine, a PDF and now distribute it digitally. This month I especially took note of:

  • the discussion of the new police reform legislation
  • that the “Department of Revenue projects a drop in tax collections of about 6%”
  • the housing and transportation bills enacted this week

Hello Members!

Here’s the January 2021 issue of The Beacon – packed with the latest budget and COVID-related news, updates about the MMA Annual Meeting & Trade Show, information about local and state pandemic response efforts, and details about late-session legislative activity and member group webinars.

Link to the January 2021 issue of The Beacon (no login required)

By publishing The Beacon as a PDF, we can ensure that we get you the very latest information that you need ASAP. (If you did not receive this email directly, please share your email address with us – along with name, title and city/town – at

Best wishes to all of you during this challenging time.

John Ouellette

MMA Manager of Publications and Digital Communications

Jennifer Kavanaugh

Associate Editor

Meredith Gabrilska Digital Communications Coordinator

SBC traffic survey – open to noon on 1/11/21

From Anna Mae O’Shea Brooke –

Wheelock Neighborhood Traffic Questionnaire Open until Monday, Jan. 11 at noon.

The School Building Committee has released a traffic questionnaire intended, but not limited to, the Wheelock School Neighborhood. The data from this questionnaire is anticipated to be used to fine tune existing traffic calculations and adjustments, to understand additional concerns other than traffic increases, and to most importantly focus on developing mitigation strategies that would best serve the neighborhood and the future school development.

CLICK HERE for the Traffic Questionnaire open until Monday, January 11th at noon.

For more information about the Project and to subscribe to our email list, please visit And follow our Dale Street School Building Project page on Facebook.

Any questions: email

Thank you for your input and time!



This month the first Friday was New Years Day, so the office hours were postponed one week to 1/8/21, however I was already scheduled that day at 9AM to attend the Massachusetts Select Board Association’s annual meeting, so I am holding the office hours from 8-9AM on Friday, January 8, 2021.

I can be reached via 508-359-9190 or this blog about Medfield matters, where any schedule changes will be posted. 

I hold regular monthly office hours related to my work as a Select Board member, and this month my office hours will be conducted this Friday, January 8, 2021 from 8-9 AM via telephone by residents calling 508-359-9190.

After COVID-19 I will return to The Center on the first Friday of every month from 9:00 to 10:00 AM. 

MEA survey results

Medfield Environmental Action is a relatively new group that meets monthly to share and disseminate information about savings energy, climate change and all things green. They recently circulated a survey and below are the results of 504 submissions.

FALL 2020
The survey was conducted through Survey Monkey. We publicized the survey in the Hometown
Weekly, The Press, on Patch, via Facebook, and in the Medfield Insider.
• 504 Surveys Completed
o Really great response!
o Diverse respondents
o 75% of the respondents have lived in Medfield more than 10 years.
o 70% of the respondents are women
o 63% of the respondents are 45 or older
We asked “Should the Town of Medfield build buildings that have high energy efficiency
performance and prefer builders/developers who would do the same? This would lead the
town to build a highly efficient “net zero” elementary school and encourage builders/developers
to build using “passive house” standards for new construction and high energy efficiency for
renovations, in projects such as State Hospital Development.” (Q5). See graphic at end.
95% responded favorably.
• 41% of respondents chose “Yes, in all circumstances because not adding greenhouse
gases to our environment is critical at this time.”
• 54% of respondents chose “Yes, if the costs are not prohibitive and a reasonable
payback of any additional investment can be achieved over the life of the building.”
We asked “The State of Massachusetts has committed to a goal of Net Zero Emissions by 2050,
which will help Massachusetts address the climate crisis by reducing carbon emissions. This will
require changes in our local community. Which of the following best describes your position
towards Medfield adopting its own goals and committing to develop a plan by November 2021
to proactively meet the state’s 2050 goal? (Q4)
• 72% - “I support Medfield adopting climate goals and developing a plan (just as Acton,
Arlington, Ashland, Cambridge, Lexington and many other MA towns have already
• 17% - “I am supportive of working to address the climate crisis, but I need more
information about why it is important for Medfield to adopt a goal and a plan now.
We asked for agreement with the following statements. (Q3)
a) The climate crisis poses a serious threat for people around the world.
• 79% completely agree
• 14% somewhat agree
b) The climate crisis is something that will affect my family in Medfield.
• 52% completely agree
• 32% somewhat agree
c) I am ready to take steps at home to tackle the climate crisis.
• 60% completely agree
• 28% somewhat agree
d) I will support and encourage my local government in making policies that address the
climate crisis.
• 71% completely agree
• 19% somewhat agree
We asked “Climate crisis is a term describing global warming and climate change, and their
consequences. Globally, 19 of the 20 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001
(Sources: and IPCC). Increased flooding, wildfires, and severe storms are just
some of the direct results of a warming Earth. Do you believe we are facing a Climate Crisis?
• 43% - Yes, due to human activities
• 51% - Yes, due to both human activities AND natural cycles and causes
This question has only 403 respondents because it was added mid-survey.

Select Board – 1/5/21

Posted in accordance with the provisions of MGL Chapter 39 Section 23A, as amended
Due to the COVID-19 emergency, this meeting will take place remotely. Members of the public
who wish to view or listen to the meeting may do so by joining via the web, or a conference call.
1. To join online, use this link:
a. https://medfieldnet.
b. Enter Password: 060672
2. To join through a conference call, dial 929-436-2866 or 312-626-6799 or 253-215-8782
or 301-715-8592 or 346-248-7799 or 669-900-6833
a. Enter the Webinar ID: 815 7734 2022
b. Enter the password: 060672
The packet with meeting materials for this meeting is located at this link:
Board of Selectmen
Board or Committee
Remote Meeting held on Zoom Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 7:00 pm
Agenda (Subject to Change)
Call to Order
Disclosure of video recording
We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving around the globe in defense of
our country
1. Public Hearing for Eversource for installation of one new pole to provide electric service
for an electric vehicle charging station located at 478 Main Street
2. Fred Davis, Medfield Energy Committee to discuss the Medfield State Hospital
Discussion (potential votes)
3. COVID-19 Status Update and CARES Funding Update
Action Items
4. Aura at Medfield Regulatory Agreement – Local Initiative Program
5. Accept resignation of Bryan Syrett
Consent Agenda
Citizen Comment
Town Administrator Updates
Next Meeting Dates
January 19, 2021
February 2, 2021
Selectmen Reports
Medfield ZBA Decision: Clark Tavern, 353-355 Main Street
Massachusetts Administration & Finance Federal Funds Office Memo re: CARES Act Extension

Meeting materials here –