MGC’s nice thanks

The Board of Selectmen awarded the Medfield Garden Club $2500 towards its work maintaining garden sites around the town, such as the planters in front of the Town House, Meting House Pond, at the Medfield Memorial Library, and at numerous traffic islands.  Just imagine the cost to the town if Medfield instead maintained those sites via DPW employees, like Wellesley for one does.

For extra credit, what flower is depicted on the Medfield Garden Club logo below:


June 4, 2019


Dear Selectmen Marcucci, Murby and Peterson


On behalf of the Medfield Garden Club, we would like to thank you for your approval of our request for funding in the amount of $2500 for ongoing maintenance and renovation of our TASC civic beautification sites. Your heartfelt and public praise for our volunteer efforts and your financial support are important incentives for our thirty-three TASC volunteers in twenty-three community sites as we work to create a four-season garden welcome to all who come to Medfield.


Thank you so very much from all of us in the Medfield Garden Club.


Yours in bloom,


Michele Feinsilver Hoye

President, Medfield Garden Club


Carroll Noel-Mozer

Incoming President, Medfield Garden Club


Molly Sliney

Incoming President, Medfield Garden Club


Nancy Tella

TASC Chair, Medfield Garden Club


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