Your tax bill

The Division of Local Services (DLS) of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue sends me emails with lots of data.  I was especially interested to see our colleagues in pain on the attached chart of what towns pay for property taxes.  Look at it on-line here


This lists the towns paying the ten highest and lowest property taxes – we must be just off the high list:

tax bills-highest-2019

This was that same list from last year (which makes me wonder what sources of revenue Concord and Sudbury found to be able to lower their taxes):

tax bills-highest -fy18

2 responses to “Your tax bill

  1. Diane Johnson

    Towns in Black don’t pay residential property taxes?


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      No. My understanding was they have a residential tax exemption amount, that somehow means the DOR does not have accurate data on those towns. In Boston, for instance, I think a certain amount of the tax is removed, based on the residential exemption, if it is a principle residence.