Primary election this Tuesday, 9/4


Primary election this coming Tuesday, 9/4

Please remember to vote this coming Tuesday in the primary election.


Please vote for Denise Garlick

I ask those of you in Precincts 1 and 2 to join me in voting for Denise Garlick for state representative in the Democratic primary. 

As our state representative, Denise has –

  • worked hard and actively supported the town’s interests at the sate level, 
  • helped obtain the proper remediation by DCAMM of the former Medfield State Hospital site, 
  • helped the town purchase of the former Medfield State Hospital site,
  • been endorsed by Bill Massaro, our town’s closest observer of all things MSH related, Congressman Joe Kennedy, and a long list of others,
  • reported back to residents annually on what she is doing.

You would all be as disappointed as I was, when I listened to the debate between Denise and her challenger, to learn that her challenger knew so little about our town that he thought the Medfield State Hospital was still open and full of DMH patients – he had no understanding about Medfield’s biggest issue.


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