Draft list of 2018 Medfield STM Articles

Draft warrant articles for STM

The Board of Selectmen has discussed, but not yet set a date for a fall special town meeting (STM).  We have been considering October 22 as the possible date.  The STM was initially intended to discuss and vote on the master plan for the former Medfield State Hospital site, but where the new Development Committee will look to get some Requests For Information (RFI) to test the proposed MSH plan before enacting a zoning change, the STM on the MSH disposition will need to be postponed.  However, the fall STM may still go ahead with the articles below.  The Council on Aging has also asked to add an article to appropriate $19,000 to continue its Saturday opening of The Center.


Draft list of 2018 Medfield STM Articles

  1. Accept GL Ch 90, section l 7C: authorizing BOS to impose 25 mph speed limit in thickly settled and business districts
  2. Accept GL Ch90 section 18B: authorizing BOS to establish safety zone with 20 mph speed limit
  3. Authorize BOS to accept deed of land for conservation purposes off Bridge Street
  4. Accept deed in lieu of tax title foreclosure: landlocked parcel off Adams Street
  5. Land disposition: authorize BOS to lease land and buildings including former Chapel, at former state hospital property for cultural/performing arts center
  6. Zoning Bylaw Amendment: creation of senior (multifamily) housing overlay district
  7. Land disposition: authorize BOS to dispose of land shown as “Parcel A” on recorded plan (portion of former Hinkley and COA properties} for development of senior housing
  8. Charter Amendment: authorize ballot vote to change Town Clerk from elected to BOS appointed position

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