Library celebrates its 100th

library 100th.JPG

Re-enactment yesterday of the town selectmen accepting the key to the Medfield Memorial Library in 1917 from Granville Dailey and his oldest daughter, Maebelle.

I learned from Richard DeSorgher’s remarks that (1) Mr. Dailey gave $74,000 to the town for the library, which must have been a huge sum at that time, and (2) that the Medfield Memorial Library was built only 24 years after the Boston Public Library.  Impressive facts for what was then a town with 1,700 residents (and 1,900 patients at the Medfield State Hospital).

Photo by Colleen Sullivan.  Re-enactment event by Colleen Sullivan and her library 100th committee.  In the photo are Cynthia Small and Steve Small as the Dailey’s and Mike Marcucci and me as the selectmen.  This was my email to Colleen Sullivan this morning –



Congratulations to the Medfield Memorial Library and to you for a great event.

Long ago I concluded that our quality of life in Town of Medfield is composed of the sum of the many such events as you orchestrated Sunday, so thank you for making Medfield a better place for all of us!

Best,  Pete


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