Library’s 100th

library 100-2

How many selectmen does it take to cut a ribbon?  Two, because . . . (please submit your answers).

The full and accurate story on the library centennial below from Colleen Sullivan –


Hi Pete,

So glad you enjoyed the Centennial Celebration!  This was truly a group effort and the Library Centennial Committee consisted of Library Director, Kris Chin, Board of Trustees, Maura McNicholas, Lauren Feeney,  Geena Matuson and myself, as well as Library staff member, Terri Wickham, and Friends of the bookstore President, Carol Wasserman.


Each of us took on a task to make yesterday’s event, memorable and fun!  We are so thankful to those who participated, like yourself and Selectman Marcucci, as well as having our Town Historian, Richard DeSorgher return to recite many interesting facts regarding life in 1917.


In wanting this celebration to encompass all ages of the Medfield community, we were thrilled to show a wonderful Medfield TV production, created by Brett Poirier of previous Library Staff and long time residents of Medfield as they were interviewed by Director Chin, as well as offering a Children’s program with well known and beloved storyteller, Kurt Jackson.


As a community, we have so many talented and kind people here in Medfield, and having the acting skills of Steve Small as “Granville Dailey” and Cynthia Small as his elder daughter “May Belle Dailey” added greatly to the entire event.


We are thankful to all who attended and enjoyed this very special 100 year celebration of our town’s library.



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