Paramedics gone Monday


Email this week about the town’s ALS provider disappearing come Monday, and the town probably needing to have its own paramedics.  From memory, only one of our current firefighters is a paramedic and the rest are EMT’s.  Paramedics are allowed to do more treatment than EMT’s, such as IV’s and injections.


Mike, Kristine,


After approx.10 years of service to Medfield, I was informed late last night that Events EMS who have been providing our Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) services will cease operations as of 0700 hrs Monday morning. This notice came without warning. I will be talking with the Fire Chiefs’ from Millis & Medway who have also been affected by this recent turn of events. We will be looking to see if we can come up with another alternative for ALS services. I don’t believe there are many options. We will continue to use Westwood, Walpole and Norfolk in the interim to fill in until a remedy is found.


I know we have had discussions of going to the next level and have our own Paramedics on staff and I think we now have to have some frank discussions on how we can achieve it.We can’t expect other towns to be providing this service for the long haul.


If you could let the Selectmen know I’d appreciate it.




Chief William A. Kingsbury

Medfield Fire Department

114 North Street

Medfield, MA 02052


508-359-2212 (Fax)

2 responses to “Paramedics gone Monday

  1. Mr Peterson,

    Just as a reminder you had written about upgrading the service years ago. I would like to commend you on that. Just wish there was more follow up.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Chad, Instead of calling me Mr. Peterson, please call me Pete. My raising the issue never generated much interest with my colleagues. The problem with implementing the paramedic service is the $500,000+ budget the Chief projected at the time to do so. We will see it that has changed. Given the choices, we probably all want a paramedic service, and it is just whether the town wants the paramedic service enough to pay the cost of providing it. I met one young Medfield man a few years ago at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor who is alive today due to the paramedics who intercepted our EMT’s and revived him – it is hard to put a value on that result for that man and his family. But those sorts of outcomes are the results of some of our town budget choices.

      The schools are now dealing with another similar option, how much should they spend on providing mental health services – they have recognized they need to do more, but how much is the right amount.


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