Mega-B meeting notes


This morning Sarah Raposa circulated her notes of a meeting that took place yesterday.

Town of Medfield                             Developer Team
Sarah Raposa    Town Planner      Patrick Corrigan    Medfield Meadows LLC
William Kingsbury    Fire Chief    Ronald Tiberi, PE    Civil Engineer
Leslee Willitts    Conservation      Patrick Kelly    RQC Developer
John G. Naff    Building Comm.    John Kelly    Medfield Meadows LLC/RQC LLC Devel.
Maurice Goulet    DPW Director    John Winslow    Winslow Architects Inc
Mark G. Cerel    Town Counsel      Geoff Engler    SEB LLC (40B Consultant)
Yvonne Remillard    Assessor       Moira Cronin    SEB LLC (40B Consultant)
Nancy Bennotti   Bd of Health     Ardi Rappi    Cheney Engineering Co
Michael J. Sullivan    Town Administrator
Kristine Trierweiler    Asst. Town Administrator
Bob Meaney    Police Chief
Jeff Marsden    Supt. of Schools
E. Clarke    Observing

M. Larkin     Observing
September 8, 2016
10 – 11 am

40B Consultant Geoff Engler outlined the purpose of the meeting: To give the Town an overview of the components of the application (design, engineering, etc.). They expect revisions based on comments, suggestions, peer review over the coming months. He indicated that the applicants are open to dialogue.

Architect John Winslow (33 yrs experience, also was involved in the Leland Farms 40B project in Sherborn) admitted that the project is not medium density as he originally stated in August and is in fact high density. He further explained that he was asked by the developers to prepare a plan to show 200 units on the site. He acknowledged that the site as designed does not match the surrounding buildings. The site requires parking underneath both buildings and 4-6 stories. The “north” building will have 110 units and the “south” building will have 90 units (SR note: referred to north and south because at this section of Rt 27/North Meadows, the road slightly curves creating a north/south perspective rather than an east/west perspective). The north side is relatively flat except for a steep slope towards the DPW and the south side is a former gravel pit. He said the design of the building respond to the site conditions; the buildings step from 3 to 5 levels away from the street. The five story sections are adjacent to John Crowder and Joseph Pace Roads. There is a possibility of adding rooftop terraces. The underground parking is one level under the left wing of Building 1 (north) and two levels under the middle and right wing of Building 1. The underground parking is two levels under Building 2 (south). Building 1 has access and egress to North Meadows, egress only from the underground parking to North Meadows, and access and egress to Dale Street.  He said they tried to create diversity in massing by varying color and massing, but said it was not well shown on the plans. The south building, Building 2, is four stories with two levels of underground parking. There is one access/egress ramp to Dale Street. They are open to changing access point to North Meadows. This site requires some fill for the recreation area and circular driveway. They stayed away from the isolated wetlands.
Unit and Bedroom count:
1 bedroom    43        Total units    200
2 bedroom    126        Total Bedrooms    388
3 bedroom    31
•    Unit/bedroom count designed to meet market demands with 9’ ceilings with trim (they want the units to be “nice”)
•    The entire project will be privately financed, no public subsidies
•    25% affordable and 75% market rate rentals
•    Up to 80% AMI is affordable to those earning approximately $40-65k/year
•    Market rate rents are approximately $250/sf:
o    1 BR ~ 750 sf
o    2 BR ~ 100 sf
o    3 BR ~ 1300 sf
•    They would consider using a new program and adding additional middle tier, beyond the 25%, for those earning 80-120% AMI (“workforce housing”)
o    maybe 15-20 units
o    administered similarly to the affordable units with income eligibility requirements
•    The project will meet all DEP, environmental, stormwater, building codes, fire protection codes.
•    The site requires additional testing but they believe the soils are adequate for recharge (given previous use as a sand pit). They will use a combination of groundwater recharge systems and detention ponds. The will meet EPA/DEP requirements. More civil work is forthcoming.
•    The stormwater management plans are independent on each side of the proposal and not sharing stormwater devices.
•    The State does not require a fully engineered plan set but they will demonstrate that the stormwater system will work. The Town of Medfield may hire peer engineering reviewers and the applicants will pay for it.
•    Shadow studies will be produced (DPW solar panels and single family dwellings in Allendale)
•    Vanasse & Associates is doing the traffic studies. They will coordinate with Chief Meaney on dates, times and locations as there are often local events that may skew data collection.
•    Parking spaces proposed: 321. They propose 1.6 parking spaces per unit. The ratio proposed is consistent with other suburban areas and is adequate in their experience.
o    There is no nearby mass transportation (Walpole, Needham)
•    Spaces will be designated as tenant or visitor as no parking on the street will be allowed.
•    Cerel asked if the clients are committed to this sized project. J. Kelly replied that the investment return dictates the size of the project to finance, build, and maintain.
•    They will make a presentation to the Selectmen at a public meeting during the comments period.
o    Use auditorium
•    The project is out of scale and has already created shockwaves within the community. They expect this and have been through similar situations but they are open to the path of least resistance.
•    Why such a complete plan if open to negotiate? They wanted to have a thoughtful, complete plan so there is something to react to. They aren’t taking a “take it or leave it” approach but they wanted to have a lot of work done for their application to the state (which is expected to be submitted very soon). Winslow said that we can’t have specific conversations without specific plans. He said that preparing plans is easier with computers so what looks like a lot of work are easier to produce. He added that “out of scale isn’t all evil”
•    Raposa is the contact person for anything to do with the comprehensive permit application but Sullivan is the contact person for the Board of Selectmen and negotiations. Engler is the contact person for the developers.
•    Goulet added issues such as safety. Lighting, snow removal and storage, impacts from the operation of the DPW, water, wastewater, etc. should be address. They will have private trash removal
•    Chief Kingsbury is highly concerned about fire-fighting issues with the height of the garage/clearance of the fire truck and access around the buildings. His apparatuses are over 10’ tall and he has a 75’ aerial ladder.
•    Chief Meaney explained the 109 traffic issues and impacts to Frairy and Dale. He would anticipate more computer traffic with the number of market rate units proposed. He wondered if they proposed some sort of connection to access one side from the other. There are the same amenities on either side and they are self-contained buildings.
•    Sullivan asked about the lack of recreational space and if they anticipated not a lot of children. It’s not well shown but there are spaces for playgrounds and bbqs. Family units are dispersed throughout the buildings.
•    Will there be on-site security? They will have a professional management company but not security for high level service for their tenants. No live-in manager.
•    Marsden asked about projections on school kids and requested that a fiscal impact analysis be submitted.
•    They anticipate a phased development plan which is not well defined though construction phases would be dovetailed.
•    Rental developers are capped at a 10% profit margin. Pro forma with operating and development budgets will be submitted.
•    They anticipate submittal to the state very soon

3 responses to “Mega-B meeting notes

  1. This project is too massive for the Dale Street location. When the state decided to close most of the Metropolitan State Mental Hospitals a portion of the sites were used for 40B housing.. Where the town still has the hospital land available I think it would be in the towns best interest to satisfy our 40B requirement by letting the proposed plan at Dale relocate to Hospital Road. Last year one street down from Dale on West Street we had a 40B project completed and I think enough is enough. The traffic on Dale (short cut to bypass downtown) and the traffic at rush hour already backs up to Dale from route 109. Why would we want to add to the problem by adding another two hundred housing units at the corner of Dale. The DPW uses an access road to Dale and the Police and Fire Departments at the other. Common sense please.

    C. Long, Turtle Brook Way.


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      Charlie, Thanks for your input. I do not think anyone in town wants to add that 40B housing, rather it is being imposed on us. I have asked about the town trying to swap this mega-B developer land at the Medfield State Hospital site and I was informed that we cannot do so. Come to the meeting on the 4oB on 9/26.


  2. Thanks for your response.. Looking forward to the meeting on the 26th.


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