Postcard update

water ban-2

Email from Mike today –

Hadn’t heard from postmaster since yesterday so I called him and he told me that the postcards are coming in in small batches, which he assumes means that they went to New Jersey. He said that they will go back to Brockton and Brockton will forward them to Medfield. As of this morning, he said that he had received about 200 postcards and was sending them out as soon as they were received. Could take several days. He thinks that the small batches means that a machine sorting the postcards somehow got them separated. I don’t know if that means some were destroyed and won’t be delivered.  The state was supposed to meet yesterday to consider upping the water ban to a higher level but no word yet on that. Pumping is down so that most people are trying to reduce consumption. People are calling in to report violators, so that should help. That’s it for now. Have a good weekend and keep cool. Mike S

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