More BoS items for tonight


These agenda additions arrived this afternoon –

  1. Sarah Raposa had a request to meet with a party that want’s to discuss locating a 40B on both sides of North Meadows Road (27) at Dale St. The properties consist of about 6 acres, roughly 3 acres on each side of North Meadows Rd. She agreed to meet with the caller at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning at the town hall. The properties are or were owned by Monac, Solari and Moser. Don’t know any more about this proposal.


  1. Letter from resident concerning Conservation Commission meeting on LCB. I believe you should have a copy of this.


  1. Request from William Tragagis. owner of 23 acre parcel of land off North St. (Harmony Farm) for decision from Selectmen as to whether Town would be interested in exercising its option under Chapter 61A to purchase the land. Listed under executive session as discussion might include land price, which could affect negotiations, if the Town decided to exercise its option.


  1. The new water tower was scheduled to go into service today.


  1. The water ban postcards have returned from their extended stay in New Jersey and were delivered in yesterday’s mail.


Sorry to take so long getting back to you but the elevator broke again. Hopefully it will be fixed by tonight.


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