Looking for your water ban postcard?

water ban-2

Your water ban postcard was mailed to you at the Medfield Post Office on 8/3, and is still on its way to you (via parts unknown).  Mike updated us (email below) today on best guesses as to where they are.

I just spoke to the acting postmaster for Medfield and this is what he tells me about the location of the 5,000 neon green postcards that were delivered to the Medfield Post Office a week ago last Wednesday (August 3). He said that they were sent out the same day to Brockton, where bulk mail is sent to be processed electronically. The Brockton postmaster has searched that facility with “a fine tooth comb” and they are not there. The Medfield acting postmaster says they are not in the Medfield Post Office. He said it is possible they were sent by mistake to a processing facility in New Jersey, which handles bulk mail for New York, New Jersey and New England. That facility has a three day turnaround and, if so, they should be coming back to Brockton today or tomorrow. If that happens, they will be sent back to Medfield for delivery, He will let me know as soon as he has any additional information as to their whereabouts. In the meantime, Maureen Anderson had to write out a personal check for $800 to the post office before they would send them out. Payment had to be by personal check or money order, as they would not take a credit card payment. If we had put it the payment on a town vendor warrant, it would have delayed the mailing by a week.  That $800 turned out to be $6 short and Susan Cronin in the Treasurer/Collector’s office had to pay another $6 before they could be sent out because the total cost was $6 greater than the post office employees had calculated. The post office also said that the form, which Maureen had downloaded and filled out to be filed with the mailing, as she had been instructed to do by the post office, was the wrong form and she had to fill out another form. I  will let you know of any further developments.Mike S

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