Water tower demo – day 3

More below today from Bill Massaro’s careful monitoring of the demolition of the old water tower at the former Medfield State Hospital site.  From my time at the MSH this morning, it appeared to me that the demolition is being done by cutting the old tower into pieces (see one cut in Bill’s second picture), and when they do let one fall it was really loud.

20160806-MSH-water tower-demo-day 3.jpg

As expected, with the completion of the support structure removal yesterday, the demo pace really picked up today.

In a conversation with the owner of the demo company  this morning, he projected removal of 6 tiers per day, 6 plates at a time; and after working thru the weekend  he expected to complete Sunday (day 5 of my  foto log).

Day 2 finished with 19 tiers of steel plate remaining.

As you can see below, the  6-plate removal process consists of  vertical slices 3 tiers long  and horizontal cuts  2 plates long at the rivet line.

At  7:00 tonight approximately 11.5  tiers remain, putting today’s removal at 7.5  tiers.  So it seems that the Sunday completion is still on schedule.






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