PanMass – “No Track!” in Medfield

Dear Pete,

The first year living on Harding Street we awoke one August morning to hearing “quack……quack……quack”. We discovered that it wasn’t “quack” but cyclists whizzing by saying “track……track……track”.

Today there was joy in voices as they approached the West Mill St & Harding intersection exclaiming “track..NO TRACK!”

20160805-Pan Mass Challenge

Thank you to you, fellow Selectman, Mike Sullivan and all the other town staff for spearheading the effort to remove the tracks. It was timely and much appreciated by the PanMass bikers. Personally I appreciate not hearing “thud-thud-thud-thud-thud” anymore.

My only concern is the speed at which drivers come around the curve from Med State. Is it possible to post the mobile sign showing how fast people are driving for a little while?

Sincerely, Teresa James

Former selectman Richard DeSorgher was particularly persistent while serving as a selectman in seeking to have the RR crossings on both Harding and Farm Streets improved.  Given how fast the change happened yesterday morning on Harding, during the hour I was holding office hours at The Center, I am guessing that the rails are still below the new asphalt.

The Medfield Police Department’s radar sign has actually been parked around the corner for the past week on Hospital Road at Clayton.

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