Mike Sullivan’s proposed calendar


Mike Sullivan shared this draft calendar for the selectmen.  I suggested that Mike include in the  calendar the things we know we need to do every year (e.g. set goals, review the town administrator, and prepare for town meeting), as well as the things on our To Do List. –

Calendar for Board of Selectmen
May 3, 2016 to August 31, 2016

Selectmen’s Meeting Dates: May 3rd, 17th, June 7th, 21st, July 5th, 19th, August 2nd, 16th.

May 3rd  –

Lyme Disease Study Committee, annual update
Transfer Station and Recycling Committee, Food Composing, Mattress Collection and Swap Area operation

May 17th –

Housing Authority, Planning Board, Council on Aging – Tilden Village expansion, Draft Housing Production Plan, Senior Housing Study Committee, 40B Housing.

June 7th –

Board, Commission and Committee Appointments
Committee to Oversee Outreach Program
Cultural Alliance, update on Straw Hat Park
Discussion on Stormwater Management Act Permit requirements

June 21st-

Permanent Planning and Building Committee update on Public Safety Building
Park & Recreation Commission, Programmatic Needs Study discussion

July 5th  –    Fourth of July week. Do you want to meet?

July 19th  –

School Department update on Wheelock Boiler project and track/field replacement
Treasurer/Collector bonding schedule for track/field replacement project
Water and Sewerage Board, update on water tower, iron/manganese treatment facility and other issues

August 2nd-

Meeting with Legislative Delegation, update on budget, legislation, other items of interest

August 16th –

State Hospital Buildings and Grounds Committee, update on maintenance issues State Hospital Reuse Committee, update on Master Plan

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