Montrose sells Cushman house

David Temple, President of the Medfield Historical Society and Co-chair of the  Medfield Historical Commission, reported today that the long dilapidated Jacob Cushman house on North Street is getting fixed up.  This email this afternoon from David –

After a prolonged period of working out the details with the Montrose School, Bob Borrelli just called me to say he is finally signing a purchase and sale agreement this afternoon on the 1852 Cushman house at 67 North Street.  Bob plans to keep the basic structure as seen from the street essentially as is, probably with different colors, and he hopes it will complement his new building across the street.  He plans to rent the first floor as retail space, likely with apartments on the second floor.


Saving the historic Cushman house has been a frustrating six-year campaign of prodding the school, as we watched the house succumbing to demolition by neglect. I am glad that Bob saw the potential in the building and called to ask me about it over a year ago. I was able to arrange the first meetings between Bob and Montrose. Then I got out of the way, except for occasionally nudging Bob or Jack Flaherty at the school to get them back at the bargaining table. Thank you, Bob, for sticking with the project!


Bob still has to get approvals from town boards, but he expects he’ll be able to start construction very soon. He plans to have the exterior work done before the girls come back to school in September, and he hopes to have everything finished by Thanksgiving.
David F. Temple

One response to “Montrose sells Cushman house

  1. Nancy Coakley

    I am so glad to hear the news of the Cushman house, I was afraid it was going to sit until nothing could be done and the school would bring it down. Thank u for purchasing it your work is proven to be good for the town.


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