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Richard DeSorgher recently shared a list of things left undone by the selectmen at the time  he left.  I took his thoughtful list, and incorporated my own items, and came up with the below list of things I thought the selectmen should be looking to oversee to completion, which I organized around the town staff who should be doing the things.  My suggestion at our last BoS meeting, when I shared this list with my colleagues, was that these things get included in the Selectmen Annual Calendar, along with those things that the selectmen need to do every year, which I highlighted from past lists i included.  Mike is working on revising his draft of the Selectmen Annual Calendar – which I will post next.

Pending Items for Medfield Town Administration

  1. Town administration
    1. Weekly written reports to residents
    2. Weekly meetings of department heads
    3. Removal of RR tracks across Harding Street and Farm Street
    4. Arrange for the following:
    5. Superintendent of DPW
      1. Create a pavement maintenance plan
      2. Create a public tree inventory and tree planting plan
      3. Install a sidewalk on Metacomet Street
      4. Install a sidewalk on Dale Street from Charlesdale to Grove
      5. Provide cost estimates for sidewalks on East Main Street and Harding Street
      6. Solve Green Street telephone poles by Hinkley Swim Pond in sidewalk
      7. Turn on the bubbler in front of town hall
      8. Plan to use the $9,000 for planting trees in the Downtown and $500 for dressing up/ landscaping the lawn in front of town hall
      9. Install a crosswalk across Main Street at Miller Street
      10. Spring clean up
        1. DPW to organize
        2. Make use of Sheriff Bellotti’s inmates
    6. Medfield Police Department
      1. Get regular written reports
      2. Plans for traffic lights at Rte 27 and (1) South and (2) West
      3. Solution to parking/traffic on Upham Road St.
      4. Implement Curve Street as a No-truck street
      5. Have officers enforce the sign rules
      6. Solution to dog poop problems
    7. Medfield Fire Department
      1. Get regular written reports
    8. Medfield State Hospital – need to provide information to residents
    9. Town wide master plan timing
      1. Complete before any MSH land sales so as to secure state Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) bonus money
    10. Housing Production Plan
      1. Complete
      2. Implement
      3. Create a strategy to deal with 40B and/or affordable housing
    11. Poll and integrate Downtown Study Committee and Economic Development Committee
  2. Board of Selectmen
    1. Interview the auditors

One response to “BoS To Do list

  1. Pete The list looks good-hopefully the Board will schedule a plan to complete them -not to add to a long list but the other thing I missed was Mike was going to get Dave Maxon to write a letter to the utilities for possible cell towers on the new water tower-do you know if he did that ? Thanks for all you do ! Richard Ps -I bless you every day I take your shortcut through the wilds of Dover, Needham,Wellesley and Newton -a much easier commute

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