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On being a selectman

Long call this afternoon from Mike Sullivan, Mark Cerel, and Ken Feeney to

  • report of storm response – Ken had been up 25 hours straight, and said his men had been up even longer (big thanks to the DPW); both Chiefs looked all night in Noon Hill during the storm by snowmobile and snowshoes for a missing person (big thanks to both Chiefs); fire hydrant sheared off on Hillcrest, causing  waterto  stream down street, and which had to be repaired during the storm; plow hit a pole in front of police and fire stations, severing the fiber optic cable to police and fire stations, causing loss of phones; and I suggested creating a way for residents to get messages to the DPW about issues that arise during such storms (I was called about a street that did not get plowed until  Sunday morning) – maybe something as simple as the police collect the calls, and DPW call the police to collect those messages.
  • annual town meeting (ATM) warrant articles, such as  for regulating placement of collection bins, and others.

Movie on MSH

Interesting and well done short movie about the Medfield State Hospital from the 1960’s, I think.  Also touches on the Norfolk Hunt Club.  Here’s the description –

“Mental Illness and America’s Abbey on the Hill,” a 35 minute film about the history of Medfield State Hospital, beautifully filmed, produced and directed by Dr. Carl Edwards. The film describes the close relationship that has lasted for 115 years between the State Hospital and the Norfolk Hunt Club.

Lord’s party this Friday

I was asked to post the following –

The Medfield Remembers Lord’s committee will host a “Celebrate Lord’s” event on Friday, Feb. 15 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the iconic store that will be closing after 73 years in business.  The public is invited to Lord’s Department Store to enjoy refreshments (including cake and traditional half donuts), entertainment, a Lord’s-Through-The-Years memorabilia corner, gift basket giveaways, and more.  People are encouraged to bring along their favorite Lord’s memory on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper to be inserted into the Lord’s Memory Book.  Memories can also be emailed to or posted on the “Medfield Remembers Lord’s” Facebook page.  Special events will include photos at the Lord’s Lunch Counter (6:30pm to 7:30pm), Community Recognizes Lord’s (7:30pm to 8pm), and a ginger ale toast (8pm).

Patch on this blog

Patch just published an article about this blog.

Do not call list

Register here to get on the National Do Not Call Registry list.


I flagged down Ed Hinkley driving a town plow truck, while I was out working on clearing my driveway.  I asked if he had gotten any sleep.  He had been up all night plowing for the town.  Thank you DPW.

Storm issues

FB posting by Chief Kingsbury's wife Jean a couple of hours ago indicates that the Chief and others were out all night searching for the man missing at Noon Hill area and dealing with other emergencies.  Jean reported that she ashed the Chief to take a nap, but instead he said he had to get back to Noon Hill.  Medfield is fortunate to have such public safety personnel taking care of our town during the blizzard while we residents stay safely inside.  My thanks to all involved town personnel.

Early release tomorrow for schools

Medfield, Massachusetts
TO: Parents
FROM: Robert C. Maguire, Superintendent of Schools
SUBJ: Early Release on Friday, February 8
DATE: February 7, 2013
With the impending storm predicted for tomorrow, we are planning the early closing of our schools on February 8th. We are announcing this decision at this time to allow you to make plans and to insure the information is communicated clearly. We will follow the usual half day early release schedule and no lunches will be served.
1. The high school and middle school will be dismissed at 11:10 a.m.
2. Dale Street School and Memorial School will be dismissed at 11:40 a.m. There will be no PM Kindergarten/Preschool.
3. Wheelock School will be dismissed at 12:10 p.m.
As detailed above, we are announcing this plan well in advance of the storm. It is important that you continue to monitor the television stations, radio stations or our website in the event that the storm

Friday Blizzard

I just finished a conference call arranged by MEMA for municipal officials with the National Weather Service.  The NWS is reporting that there will be a substantial blizzard with 18″ – 24″ of snow expected, starting with light snow Friday morning, with the heavier snow coming Friday afternoon, and the high winds starting in the evening.

They expect at least three hours of blizzard conditions with snow coming down at 2 – 4″ of snow per hour.

They expect high winds from 8 PM Friday to 10 AM Saturday, which will cause wide spread power outages.  Line repairs cannot be started until the winds subside, as bucket trucks cannot operate in high winds.

There could even be thunderstorms, which can cause 5″ – 6″ of snow per hour in spots.

Some computer models see up to 3″ of liquid from this storm, which could result in even more amounts of snow, as the relationship of water to snow is generally about 10 – 1, depending upon the density and wetness of the snow.

Lyme Disease

The Lyme Disease Study Committee provided the Board of Selectmen a report at the BoS meeting on 2/5 of their program for the past year, and were voted authority to continue their same program for another year.

  • 26 deer were culled this year, versus 29 a year ago
  • there were no issues and/or complaints
  • more properties were added
  • more hunters were added
  • 15+ illegal tree stands were discovered and ordered removed (illegal hunting is occurring in town)

The committee noted that their goals remain focused on Lyme Disease, but they are also concerned about the public safety of 45 deer car crashes per year, the destruction of the forest habitat by overgrazing, and new tick borne diseases.