DPW’s Memorial Day sewer fix gets a thank you

DPW gets thanks from the Wietrecki family –


Dear Mr. Feeney:

I am writing you this morning to commend you and your staff. You see, yesterday at the height of the commemorations in town, my wife and I discovered that the sewer line on our street, Brastow Drive, was blocked. This discovery began earlier the night before with found water in our basement utility sink. Having thought the problem was internal, we waited to deal with it until the morning. As my neighbors awoke and began their water use, the level in the sink began to raise and we became more concerned. We called a router company and their quick response showed the issue to be in the street. Being a holiday their was no way to directly reach the Sewer and Water Department, so we called the Police Station. I received a confirmation call back from the Dispatcher that your team had been notified and that they would be contacting me after the parade. As soon as the music stopped, a member of your staff was on Brastow confirming the problem. He committed to getting a jet-truck in to correct the issue and followed up to ensure everything was taken care of. My wife, daughters and I would like to thank you and your team for your service to the town. This is one of the many reasons we are happy to call Medfield home.

By the way, my daughters are especially happy, as we had Sox tickets given to us for yesterday’s game, and your prompt attention to the issue allowed us to enjoy the game (my daughter’s actually made it on the Jumbotron). Thanks again, you will have our support if ever needed.

Best regards,
Steve Wietrecki

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