On being a selectman

The Memorail Day events are one of my favorite things I do as a selectman.  We are remembering the right people, as we honor our veterans who gave their lives for our country.  Medfield’s speeches and programs are both delivered and presented in a properly respectful way.  Plus we all get in a good walk, before an excellent lunch provided by the Legion.  Yesterday Lt. Col. Todd Caruso returned to his hometown to deliver wonderful remarks and to make a gift to the town and the Legion of framed flags that he flew over Afganistan on 9/11/11.

I saw the fringe tree at the Medfield State Hospital while jogging on Sunday morning, and it was past peak, but still pretty.  The leaves had overgrown the flowers, and the flowers had started to fade.  It peaked a little over a week ago, as it was spectacular the Sunday before.

This morning I went to the MCAP meeting, to learn that the grant is still being processed by the feds and that  plans continue for the MCAP website.

One response to “On being a selectman

  1. Hi Pete, just came across this site , great info. Thanks for setting it up. !!!


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